Video: Freddie Gibbs – Rock Bottom

| April 8, 2011 | 7 Comments

Directed by ICU

The video is Bun B-less, but the original track does feature the TRILL O.G.

Chicago: Be at Bottom Lounge tomorrow night for Gibbs show as part of K.R.I.T.’s Return Of 4Eva Tour. But prior to the show you need to be at PHLI in Hyde Park from 7-9pm for his in store hosted by Tocarra and sponsored by Hennessy – the drink of champions.


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  • real nigga

    i seen his other shit on hear and wasnt really feeling him but i fuck with this he went hard and kept it all the way real


    you anit no real nigga real nigga.. this nigga dope.. real nigga…

    • real nigga

      i guess u dont know what real is i said i didnt feel his other shit but i feel this how more realer do u get u fuck nigga. thats whats wrong these days a nigga try and show love and a nigga gotta come thru and hate. i guess thats chicago for u cuz when i didnt like his other shit i didnt comment but i kept seein him on here and kept givin him chances and i liked a joint cuz im a real nigga and a real fan of hip hop and if i see u on your grind imma keep checkin for u cuz u about your hustle. and thats real nigga. and if you put something up here shurlock films i will check it out.

  • co-still

    hot shit bruh, im fuckin wit it

    • real nigga

      co still and any body that reply let me know if im hatin cuz i thought i was givin props were props was due. and im just sayin co still first cuz u was the first person i seen comment since that fool. and i wanna know if i should make further comments on here if they are gonna be received with this ignorance

      • ItsBeenOne

        no need to explain or anything. people with a brain know it is NOT hating.

  • Raul

    It’s not hatin its just an opinion. Shit, I like his other stuff better than this video, its not horrible I just like his other videos more. gibbs is dope though.