June 2011


To Put On Or Not To Put On: Why Kanye West Has Done Enough For Chicago

*This is an FSD guest Column from Alan @Snobworthy. This piece does not reflect the views of Andrew Barber or Fake Shore Drive.*

Words by Alan @Snobworthy

To Put On or Not to Put On

Why the rapper has done enough for Chicago

On Young Jeezy’s 2008 hit “Put On”, featuring Kanye West, the Chicago MC exclaimed, “I put on everybody that I knew from the Go”. His verse on “Put On” was one of the most memorable verses of his career. The verse was filled with Kanye’s witty rhymes, honesty, and edge. I remember going to watch Young Jeezy at the House of Blues in Chicago and when Kanye’s verse for “Put On” was coming up, Jeezy just lifted his mic and the crowd rapped Kanye’s verse in perfect unison. That particular line about putting on everybody that he knew from the Go always stuck with me. Not because I doubted his claim but because of the reaction it stirred within the Chicago rap community. Despite being the most successful rapper to come from the Windy City, there are some people in Chicago that would doubt his boastful claim. Some would even say that he do doesn’t enough to help artists in Chicago, that he should reach out and do more with local artists. Last year Fake Shore Drive interviewed King The Savior (R.I.P.), a young up and coming rapper and he shared some thoughts about Kanye West, King stated, “I dont have a problem with Kanye. I feel by him being as big of an artist as he is, there’s more he could be doing to help the Chicago hip-hop scene. I love the way he rep Chicago, though, but it’s tons of artist in Chicago that will never be heard cause the artists who are on don’t reach back.” I’m sure King the Savior wasn’t the only one who thought that way but is it a valid opinion? I don’t think it’s valid at all.

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Video: Freddie Gibbs & Str8 Slammin’ Click – The Slamumentary [Trailer]

DJ Roc brings us the trailer for the upcoming Freddie Gibbs and Str8 Slammin’ Click’s  documentary, The Slamumentary, which drops later this summer.  The DVD follows Gibbs, DJ Roc, D-Edge, Hit Skrewface and the rest of the gang as they travel across the country spreading the Slam gospel. Featuring appearances from Young Jeezy and CTE.  Also, look for the Str8 Slammin’ mixtape due out this summer as well.

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