July 2011


JUST★DON® Caps Now Available For Presale @ RSVP Gallery

Tonight, Chicago’s RSVP Gallery announced that Don C’s hat line, the JUST★DON® for RSVP Gallery, are now available for presale. 10 snapbacks were posted on RSVP’s site, and as of press time only three were still available. This is an impressive feat as the pricetag for the cap is a staggering $400 + tax. Gasp!

The official release for the caps are 8/8/11 – the same day as Watch The Throne drops. Coincidence? I think not.

Speaking of WTT, with only a week until the album drops, it appears the promo campaign is now kicking into high gear. Today I caught the first snipe in the City:

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NY Times Feature On Kids These Days

When the New York Times comes calling, you know you’re on to something. Apparently the brass at the Times caught wind of the band, and did a feature on the young collective. Bravo. This is serious b.i., right here.

Vic Mensa was so determined to get into Lollapalooza last year that he tried jumping a fence near some downtown train tracks, brushed against an electrical transformer powering the trains, fell 25 feet to the ground and wound up in the hospital.

He will be back at Lollapalooza on Friday — but this time as a performer.

Mr. Mensa, 18, belongs to the band Kids These Days, which will play on the first day of the festival. This group of eight Chicago musicians, four from Whitney Young High School, may be new, but the task ahead is as old as rock ’n’ roll: striving for stardom, writing new music, building an audience and negotiating their way into a fragmented and bottom-line music business.

I remember hearing about Little Vic being laid up in the hospital after his 25 foot fall last summer. It just goes to show how much can change in 365 days.  To read the full piece click here.

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