October 2011


Mixtape: Kaye Fox – Kaye Is For King: Interpretations Vol. 2

Songstress Kaye Fox drops off a new compilation before the release of her debut album. In the press release she hints that she’ll be working on the new Common and Nas album, Nas.Com. So that’s going down, eh?

Kaye Fox is back after a year of working on No ID‘s production team with the release of her 2nd Compilation CD, Kaye Is For King.  Kaye Fox has sung on some of the biggest hip-hop albums of 2010-11 with vocal credits on: Kanye “Lost In The World”, Rick Ross “Tears of Joy”, Big Sean “So Much More”/”What Goes Around”/”Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, J. Cole “Never Told”/”It Won’t Be Long”, Pac Div “The Greatness” & the upcoming Nas & Common albums.  Kaye Is For King is more than just the title of her new project, it’s her confirmation of ruling her world.  Kaye Is For King is a combination of her interpretations of songs she appeared on & songs with personal meaning to her.  Kaye Fox is currently recording material for an EP set for release in December, with the majority of the production coming from herself, DJ Emmaculate & The Kingpens.  “All hale the most fly, KING KAYE…”

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