Video: Bump J’s First Interview After Signing To Atlantic [Unreleased]

Andrew Barber

Courtesy of Will Gates

Wow, this is a gem. Acclaimed Chicago director and documentarian, Will Gates, dug up this unreleased interview of Bump J, just days after inking his deal with Atlantic Records in 2004. This footage was filmed seven days prior to Bump flying to Los Angeles to break ground on his debut with Kanye West.

Bump talks about receiving a million dollars flat from the label, and tells the story of how Lyor Cohen and Craig Kallman came to his house in Chicago. He also takes a few shots at comedian DeRay Davis, and introduces us to the Goon Squad (“We at least 300-400 deep, and only four of us rap”). The Squad was unstoppable at that point.


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  • Nascent

    YES! Wish I was around to work with Bump. Not many like him come around.

  • PIMM

    i bought this guys mixtape years back at the tip.. i ended up tossing it out my window half wsy through the cd.. why people ride his dick like hes great is beyond me.. there are so many talented artists in chicago that get no play .. this site is obviously biased or have contracts with only certain artists to promote.. bump was borderline wack.. not to mention hes a scumbag and deserves to be locked up..

    • ChiCityColdCity

      Because he come from the same place we came from, and he almost made it. You dnt like Bump? Thats cool. He still the CHIEF.

  • Dre

    dam this is definitely sad.

  • jseyf

    @pimm you might be listening to the wrong genre of music. @nascent i feel the same way all the time homie just missed him


    lol so true pimm, drew stays on only certain artists, he dont show love unless you have a “nortorious wshh video” HEY DREW .. POST THIS VIDEO ALONG WITH THE FREE MIXTAPE !! Bump locked up gettin more spins then people making major moves on the streets, thats some bullshit.

    show my guy DoeBoi some respect fsd


  • ChiCityColdCity


  • CT

    ‘Went from 5 hunned deep to just me n my kids’

  • illgobehaviorchitown

    bump kick some real shit and sly that nigga, luv his music and i got more respect for bump that he gave tmc and mikkey halsted they props…….. BEAST

  • OnMyMomma

    Man fuck wut chall talmbout watchn this made me git charged, man Bump wuz really bringn ALL SIDES 2gether SHAWTY, MF WUZ CLICK’N UP IT DID;NT MATTER WUT CHU STOOD FOR!!!!! Man isurvived the LOWEND [state2 daLake] igrew up on Body/Bennie YALL HEARD BUMP out his own mouth say God/704!!!! @JSEYF <~~~~ Don't Worry The Lord Has Blessed You With " #ButtaDaPrince" Don't Jag this MOVEMENT OFF!!!!!!!!!! #iTSBiGBiTCHGETUSETOiT FUNFO. #Salute

  • hussle20NE

    anybody got the full no dj version to our father?

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