Video: No I.D. & The Legendary Traxster To Produce Entire Mikkey Halsted Album

Andrew Barber 37

Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag. Mikkey Halsted has uprooted and moved out to LA to finish his upcoming album, The Force, which is entirely produced by No I.D. and The Legendary Traxster. Monumental to say the least.

If you know No I.D. and Traxster’s history, then you know these two are highly regarded as the Godfather’s of Chicago hip-hop. No I.D. repping the Southside, with Trax crafting the sound of the Westside. Over the past few years, the production duo has come together to craft smashes for Big Sean and Twista; and now it’s time join forces to produce for one artist–and luckily that artist is Chicago’s own Mikkey Halsted.

Here, No I.D., Traxster and Mikkey discuss the project, and give us some insight as to how it all came together. No word on what label this project will be released on, but best believe there will be a big announcement soon.

The stuff you hear playing in the background? Forget about it. Serious. Most anticipated album of 2012?