Freddie Gibbs & DJ Drama To Release Gangsta Grillz Mixtape

| March 31, 2012 | 3 Comments

Yes, you read that correctly — with the assistance of DJ Drama, Gangsta Gibbs is gearing up to release his own Gangsta Grillz entitled Baby Face Killa.  No word on when it’s scheduled to drop, but I would it expect it to impact sooner than later.

Maybe we’ll get to hear that “Itchin'” remix that he’s featured on. Stay tuned.


Category: Chicago

  • huh

    this dude is fake as they come, STUDIO GANGSTA, a lame in his city, i think bill gates got more thug in him than dude.

    • ChiCityColdCity

      Who cares!!! He still makes good music. Gibbs is a beast on the mic and he’s making major moves.

    • Right

      Be for real… Freddie Gibbs gets mad love in Gary as well as Indiana. I can’t go anywhere in this state without them knowing his name.. And I bet after this tape you won’t go anywhere in the country without them knowing it.