New Album: AceSo – Minimum Wage Millionaire

Andrew Barber

Produced entirely by C-Sick

I’m new to Aceso, but he found a new fan in me today. The beats on here are pretty much great. Look out for C-Sick, if you’re not already paying attention. Aceso as well. Consider this a pleasant surprise.

AceSo – Minimum Wage Millionaire


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  • chicagos what im repping

    best fucking mixtape in CHICAGO p e r i o d

    • Garbage


      • Zack


    • Vic

      Incorrect^ Id say that kid Chaboki got the best fucking mix tape in CHICAGO p e r i o d let alone the whole midwest

      • sas556

        chabokis wack as fuck wannabe wiz khalifa ass doesn’t have the best mixtape of fucking anywhere. Aceso cool kids chief keef





    • Bang Bang

      your top 5 chicago rappers dont got chief keef or king louie, and mikey rocks is 5? your list some garbo. Vic Mensa is dope too

      • chicagos what im repping

        top five mixtapes tho….uh aceso then uh aceso and that other nigga named aceso lol naw but mixtape wise he better …right now

      • K-rock Dro City


    • Letsbehonest

      You are clearly an idiot they are no where near the best none of them the only person who deserves to be on there is Mikey Rocks the rest are a bunch of high school kids rapping in their basements paying bullshit blogs like this for promotion.

    • K-rock Dro City

      Boi u lame as HELLLL 4 dis list How da Fuck Louie Or Keef or Spenzo aint on dis bytch

  • ChiefKeef

    Yo, this shit raw as fuck! DOWNLOAD ASAP!

  • NewEraRunIt

    New Era Run It.


    Best 5 rappers in Chicago right now,

    1. Chaboki
    2. Pyrobethename
    3. King Louie
    4. Mikey Rocks
    5. Mic Terror

    the above list before this 1 sounds like it was written by some uneducated hiphop artist

  • thesupremekidsl

    hahaha instead of focusing on the people you don’t fuck with, focus on the ones you do and stop spending your time/energy on hating.

    this is quality work though but to each his own

    • Steve o

      I don’t think they were hating I think it was just their opinion I can personally agree with some of the names on their list. But I guess if someone prefers one artists music over another artists they are hating these days?

      The artists in Chicago give a bad name to their hiphop Scene accusing each other of hating just do you.


      Stl Missouri

      • @thesupremekidsl

        I feel you and thats fine. to be honest, music is an art and art is subjective. you dont hear people saying davinci was better then michaealangelo, etc because they both had great iconic pieces of work. The point is if you dont like this fine dont download it but dont come on here and try ad promote your own artists (NEWERA smh). point is to each his own!

      • Crazykrew

        @thesupremekidsays yet you don’t say anything about the fact you and your homies aceso save money doing that just as well right? Or the fact yal paid for blog time? smh.

      • thesupremekidsl

        haha @ the fact that you think we PAID for being on a blog! >>

  • kay

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  • Breez

    He sucks. None of those people are good. Makes me hate underground rap music and chaboki gonna be workin at a gas station in a couple of years. You people need a reality check or something pleezzz

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