Chief Keef – Understand Me

Andrew Barber 15

Photo by Marc Moran

Shouts to DJ Hustlenomics on the assist. The finished version of “Understand Me” is to feature Young Jeezy, but that merch will drop at a later date via DJ Drama. So for now, try to understand the young man who is now verified. Expect some big news from Keef in the coming days.

Chief Keef – Understand Me

Chief Keef – Understand Me

15 Comments on "Chief Keef – Understand Me"

  1. LOL

    Today’s music is mostly just watered down kool-aid thanks to the likes of homo-thug “rappers” like chief queef, which says a lot about his fanbase. Chief Queef’s followers are just a bunch of remedial kids wearing grown up diapers (just like him and this lame above me ^).

    And your boy loves sagging his pants almost to his damn knees like a homo fresh out of jail. We don’t honor that goofy shit in the chi and anyone supporting that bullshit is a fag themselves.

  2. u mad?

    its fuckin music. dont listen if u dont like. kids 16 and has more money than u and ur fave local rapper. thats what your really mad about.



  4. AndrewYouABitch

    Andrew you a real bitch. I remember you used to really care about real hip hop. You sold out bro. Please close this site down. We all kno your just in it for the traffic on the site. I used to look up to you bro. Smh

    A lost FSD fan.

    • Ambitiousboy

      Bro i used hate on Keef but I thinking let the boy do his thang plus keef isn’t the only artist he talks about like King Louie or Rockie Fresh.Chicago going places just wit different type of rappers some streets rappers and some lyrical rappers. I kno where you coming from but just relax cause keef isn’t the only rapper that is going to blow.

  5. Waylowend

    it is dissapointing that of all the artists in Chicago it’s Chief Keef that Kanye calls on. But, im not hating, it’s whats popular and that’s it. Plus it’s catchy, bang bang!

    Much more importantly than the evolution of Chicago rap, where can I get a “high as fuck” shirt??! that’s awesome, im gonna wear that shit at Lalapalooza, and then rub vicks on it and roll my face off ahahahahhahahahahhha BANG BANG!!!!

    • BroskwadStefan

      I dont think its really “hating” you have to look at how that person got out the hood. Its a huge difference sir. Keef ass still doing sht like he in the hood when in your eyes he supposedly “out of the hood”. If you make it out the hood, shouldnt you wanna do better and not look like you still from the hood? No flex and no hate on my behalf, because if its one thing people dont give Keef credit for, is him actually opening doors for other Chicago artist like Chance, Vic, Spenzo, etc. I feel like no one would have ever looked on Chicago if he had not made it. At the same time, Keef makes very bad choices and decisions. So dont look at it as us hating on him, we simply observe what he is doing and right now, it is not looking good for him. Im not gone stunt, I use to listen to Keef when he actually made somewhat decent music. I think that says alot because you can rarely ever hear me listening to trap sht. BUT now, I feel like Keef just sayin sht on a record because he can. Misusing the power he has as an artist. Its deeper than what you think bro. Dont really think that our culture is “hating” on him, observe him for yourself, analyze whether its good or bad things he does, then come back and see if some comments are justified.

      Stay TRILL.

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