Video: Chance The Rapper – Brain Cells

Andrew Barber 6

Directed by Austin Vesely

It’s been 15 days since the release of Chance The Rapper’s critically acclaimed and commercially heralded debut 10 Day. In those 15 days, the young emcee has been on promotional terror. He’s lit up the airwaves on both WGCI and Power 92, clocked a handful of interviews and gone from bubbling rapper to local star. Needless to say, he hasn’t caught much shut-eye.

As his buzz and fanbase expand by the hour, Chance continues his dominance by dropping the drug-fueled video for “Brain Cells.” In this experimental clip, directed by Austin Vesely, Chance plays psychiatrist (or so we think) for the drug dabblers our parents, teachers and administrators warned us about. But is a brain cell a terrible thing to waste? Chance explores, as he lives by the NWA motto: “We don’t just say no, we too busy saying yeah.”