Mixtape: DJ Victoriouz, DJ Twin & DJ Pharris – The New Chicago Vol. 1

Ty Howard

Presented by iParty. Hosted by Moe Bey.

As promised, DJ Victoriouz, DJ Twin, DJ Pharris & Moe Bey deliver the first installment of their The New Chicago series. Featuring new music from King Louie, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Chella H, Freddie Gibbs, Chief Keef and many more.

Download and check out the tracklisting below.

DJ Victoriouz, DJ Twin, DJ Pharris & Moe Bey – The New Chicago Vol. 1

  1. Intro
  2. Money Team – King Louie feat. Big Homie D.O.E.
  3. Flex – Chief Keef
  4. Hangover – Hood Geekz
  5. Ova – Freddie Gibbs feat. Lil’ Reese
  6. Beef – Lil’ Reese f/ Fredo Santana & Lil Durk
  7. Famous – I’m On Ent.
  8. Fly As Hell – Blanco Caine feat. Maserati Deeder
  9. My Lil’ Niggas – Fredo Santana feat. Chief Keef & Lil Reese
  10. Showtime – L.E.P. Bogus Boys
  11. Eater – Lil’ Durk
  12. Go Dumb – Chella H feat. King Louie
  13. Flat Line – Chief Keef feat. King Louie
  14. Fuck You Tahm Bout – Chance The Rapper
  15. Drilluminati – King Louie
  16. Young Fly Nigga – Bruza The General
  17. Gang Bang – Fredo Santana
  18. I Don’t Like (Remix) – Chief Keef feat. Kanye West, Jadakiss, Big Sean & Pusha T
  19. Racks On Me – Ebone Hoodrich
  20. Hitta Shit – Shorty K
  21. Fuck Around – Pha’Tal


  • Show Comments (59)


    WE ON!!

  • goddamngram

    wheres the village?

  • Be 4 Real

    two words Fredo and Chella

  • Debo g

    Where is spenzo?& guddaman?

    • twone

      this shit crazy! its alot more “chicago” niggas out here ta name two bo deal & mello da guddaman..but pharris always been a “dick rider” waittin 4 people to blow up & then try to take credit SO DO UR THANG

  • Kilo

    We Needed This. Chi Stand Up!!!

    • Chi-Blizz

      Exactly… Cant Please Most Ppl T ho…

  • Gonzo5

    Y’all should have just called this KING LOUIE and the features mixtape becausethats all who on here. Don’t get me wrong I like some of his music but come on now for it to be vol. 1 y’all Could have had more of a selection. This mixtape just turnt ppl down from wanting to even hear the next few volumes. Not only that mixtapes like this dont unify the city it turns ppl against eachother and make shit worst due to favortism. DJs please understand thatt this is a good series but if your going to do it be Fair do what’s right and put the artist on who deserve it and is bringing a lot to the table for chicago this year!

    • twone

      REALEST COMMENT I’VE SEEN ON FSD! this shit aint chicago only a piece of it #IMGONE

      • SAVO

        REAL SHIT

    • elementzemcee

      #TRUTH!! Stop dividing the city with this shit!

  • Music For laidemeR sdiK

    teletubbie rapping niggas! also smh at young slop on the beat at the beginning of every song! GTFOH

  • thelight

    this aint the new chicago this is all trap shit ya’ll wack as hell. LEP the only real shit on here everything else is Bricksquad rip off shit.

  • Young Snake

    Real talk i support Chicago to the fullest but instead of having the same artists 3-4 times make every song 4 a different Chicago artist myself Young Snake Bo Deal Leoski D Co Still Boss Smooth Lil War Sly P 12th Street Rude Boys Guttaville but hey these DJs only start helping when u create a buzz they dont help you create it from the beginning…Shout out to all the artist on here Chicago stand up…

  • yallsomedickriders!

    Chicago is not just full of trap music wheres the real music @. What’s a Chicago mixtape w/o the boy Illinois. Coldest nigga in the chi. The boy illinois got a blessing from sway, do yall homework!!!

  • Jig Dolla

    This a Dope project. S/O to all the artist on the project, but the WEST-SIDE not apart of the “New Chicago”???? This shit is low-key disrespectful!!! ALL that shit need to stop! if we on some CHICAGO shit, then let’s show all of the cities talent!!! You can say I’m hating or whatever, but it is what it is.. I CAN’T SUPPORT THIS BULLSHIT! CHANGE THE NAME TO “A SOUTH-SIDE STORY”

  • Geno

    smh…*Turns seven1 back up

  • vizzy

    chicago music is all politics and who you know or who you run with thats all…its fcked up but true..and pharris been a dick rider,it aint nothing new


    LOWEND aint on here????? Fuck Broke is MY SHIT!!!!!! Y’all trippin!! All this fuckin Keef on here is ridiculous! I like Louie doe.

    • lowend crazy

      no Lowend on here. Ebone Hoodrich and Chella H fuck you tahm bout boi

  • Uncle Elroy

    G.O.D Jewels, Chase Chill, & Rockie Fresh should’ve been on this, but aside from that any publicity is damn near good publicity so it’s still a good look for Chicago

  • g


  • elementzemcee

    Welp…my momma always told me that if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. Off to work I go.

  • nothingnewunderthesun

    new chicago = old atlanta
    FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fox



    Ya’ll want that real shit listen to this: http://snd.sc/JpEOL6

    Niggaz is talented, they just don’t get the same attention. Blogs like this pass up real music, i guess. It’s cool tho, I get love in NYC and LA, not home.

  • Jo Blow

    Y’all missed big time on this one. I mean I like L.E.P & Chance, but where is Fatboi Wiz, WBMG, Sir Micheal Rocks, etc. No Butta da Prince?? I don’t think any of them are from the West-Side.. That sucks.. I expected more from this tape..

  • Chi-Blizz

    You Cant Win Man… Even If Mixtape Woulda Featured 20 different Artist Mfs Woulda Still Been Crying… Instead Up Supporting THis One & Seeing Whats To Come Next…

  • Garbage

    We went from DramaWard and CWAL to this trap bullshit?

  • i7sAk

    from all the comments i wont even bother to download this but it speaks volumes about wat u push DJ Pharris/ FSD…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34AhmEp6_Fw&feature=youtu.be

  • we are the laughing stock of the industry

    Why is Freddy Gibbs on here gotta love chicago politics this soundz like Atl shyt but shout to all tje artists on here lets win n let the weak get the first deals so the dope artist can get the good deals after they blow up keep goin lil nigz

  • younginsrunit


    • Drocitysnow

      Louie is from dro city boy, big homie doe aint

  • anomalylife

    Just so that it is clear, there will be 9 more of these mixtapes dropped for the summer. I am sure everyone feels that it is one-sided, but what also needs to be realized is that the project was spearheaded by two young djs, that the majority of the artists that were spoken of that did not make the first volume, overlook because of their age. Alot of artists in Chicago deserve placement on these mixtapes and will DEFINITELY get it, but at the same time, please know that Chicago is an EGO driven city and EVERYONE wants the next person to “help them out”, but never want to “WORK”. It shouldn’t take a dj to ask you for a record, but if you want a good song played in the club, or on a mixtape, you should find the dj and get them your music. Set up a dj listening session where you are able to get ALL of your music to ALL of the djs. Yes some djs will like your music, and some won’t, but at least YOU (the artist) made the effort to get it into the hands of the people that can break your music. (The listening session is only one way to accomplish the goal of getting the djs to listen and play your records.) Both of the djs that put the tape together, before Pharris was even introduced to the situation, had been tweeting about the impending release of the tape for almost a week, and alot of the artists that were mentioned, again did not send them records or anything.


    In order for this to be “THE NEW CHICAGO”, disspell of the old way of doing shit. Let’s all step up to make it work. Make good music, and get it to us, and we will get it out there. (NOTE: Making good music does not mean that just your guys/girls/neighborhood like(s) your music.)

    • Twitter.com/djallstyle

      As a Dj………All Chi artist…… Please honor this!!! I will be releasing a Love/Hate My City Vol. 2 mixtape for July 4th weekend…. Submit music to djallstyle@gmail.com I promise i will only play music I like & think can make along with all the other music I play on air & in the clubs.

      • Twitter.com/djallstyle

        Oh Yeah!!!!! The Mixtape will be all clean edits onlty!!! I get play everywhere!!!

  • Dj Jumpoff

    @Anomalylife TRUTH…I’m a DJ from Rockford, IL and I get the same problem smh…artist act like they got a deal already. But I’m proud of the N. Illinois movement and progress.

  • Fox

    Soooo… this is what Chicago is offering up? #NotImpressed

  • dip

    so many fucking whiners. make your own tape.

  • dip

    “city of haters” more like city of softbatch whiners. make your own tape

  • smitty

    Yo! Up your bandwidth man. People trying to get this tape.

  • YaYa white ft Fredo Santana


    • J-MO

      AYE low Key er body i let here the tape tell me!!! GO BACK TO that drinking song lol I Thought i was the only on S/O to HooDGE3Kz Dem NiggaS ColD!!! NO LIE they gone go FAR

      • YOTTA

        Same here Fool!!! Dem Niggas different thats why niggas is fuckin with them so hard I’m guessing!!! but i wanna see what they do next, but they def got my vote!!! RNS

  • dman7414

    IM Blasting this shit right noww chicago stand up OMS all these niggas putting in work… best song is the hang ova though no lie!!!

    • J_WELLS

      Hell Yeah on The Mans Thats been my SHIT since the first time pharris played it on 92.3!!! Keep Doin y’all Thang Lil NIGGAS!!! The Chi Got Y’all

  • dman7414

    True But AYE!!! WHOlE TIME though THEM NIGGAS LOOK FAMILIAR AS HELL THOUGH…. like TV Familiar On da G!!!…. and Yea they need to play Dat Shyt More Often Cuz Mufukas Is Out Here ROCKIN TO THAT Shit…. CUZ ITS DIFFERENT!!! and CHOP MADE THAT BEAT….. I SUPPORT 100%

  • JJ

    Y’all ass tweaking…. This mix tape goes hard…. S/O to that Drink till I pass out song.
    This New Chicago, Not Old Chicago…… So as a fun of music i say step y’all shit up as artist n stop acting like babies!!!!! Good Shit Dj twin Dj victoriouz & Dj Pharris!!!!

  • Real Talk 2012

    Just listened to the mixtape and all I can say is most of the songs sound the same along with the lyrics. Damn near every song was talking bout killing niggas smh u cant kill niggas everyday thats not real life because if it was a lot mo mufuckas a be locked up as serial killers. 4 the next mixtape yall gotta step it up and do a better job picking the songs for the mixtape. Yall shouldn’t have the same artist on more than one song. Yall gotta start Including people from all sides ( Westside, Up North, Suburbs) but only as long as their music is good. I then heard mufuckas out west and in the suburbs that got heat but mufuckas dont fuck wit them cuz they not out here on the southside. Good music is good music no matter where you from, chicago one the only backward cities that gives a fuck about where you from first vs what your music sound like first. It’s time 2 get off the bullshit and put out some real music where niggas aint playin wit the shit. S/O 2 all the niggas that made the tape tho!!

  • @plu2o_Nash

    I made that drilluminati by King Louie. follow me @Plu2o_Nash

  • Richgirl2012

    Sad sad sad. This is exactly why Chicago will never be a break thru city. Y’all will be local until the end of time. Cellah your music is whack you only get attention cus the rest of the female rappers in Chicago who have a buzz are even worse then you. Cheef keef, who the fuck even allowed you on the mic. King Louie is cool but he needs to be fucking with rappers who are from the bump era and take off with that. Lep is nice wit the flow, but y’all are all hooking up with the wrong Chicago artists. Not everyone can rap! Face it! Whoever put this line up together is a complete idiot. You just ruined Chicago yet again.

  • NYNY

    A few party tracks that sound like sum shit I already heard and the rest is garbage. Where them real Chicago hitters at? Fuck these DJs put a new one on who will put the real niggaz on

  • t town

    where da FlinBoyz at?

  • kdash
  • ThatNigga_Rocky

    Do They Got A Video For That HANG OVA???? #ShitGoesHard!!!

    • dman7414

      Hell Yea!!! I be trynna tell mufukas dem niggas the truth!!! NEXT THING Out the City Watch what i tell you!!! DEM LIL NIGGAS GOT HITS LOW KEY ON da MANS can’t wait to this on come out THOUGH GUERRILLAZ RNS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX7mZItixu8

  • BasedSunGod

    Welp, instead of everybody trippin, get yall hustle up so you can be featured on the next. life moves on dont get left behind stuck in a negative emotion.

  • Yaya White GOIN HAM

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