Video: The Recording of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like (Remix)”

Andrew Barber

Nael Shehade a.k.a. Force One Seven was recruited by the G.O.O.D. Music camp to record Keef’s verse for the “I Don’t Like (Remix).” But while Kanye, Pusha T, Big Sean and Jadakiss were able to record their verses in plush NYC studios; Keef had to record his verse at home, as he’s still on home confinement. Here, Force One Seven documents the recording and shares stories from the session.

I was contacted by Good Music to record the verse and hook for Kanye’s remix of Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like”. I said “Cool! have him come by my studio, and I’ll get this done for you.” Anthony replied “The kid is on house arrest. You gotta record him at his house.” I was like no problem, so I called my videographer and bodyguard, and we went to Chief Keef’s grandmas house where he is staying while under house arrest.

I get to the house and set up my equipment. I have everything all set to go ready to record, and Chief Keef didn’t have his verse written yet. Kanye wanted a new verse for the remix. I thought to myself “Oh man! We’re going to be here for a while.” Just as I sit down and get comfortable, he’s already done writing his verse. IT TOOK HIM LITERALLY 3 MINUTES.

This kids got some serious talent. It was a interesting experience bringing a studio to a house, but everything worked out well, and this remix is dope.


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  • Wordmann

    Yea, when you not lyrical. You don’t have to think much. Just saying.

  • Bigga

    Yeah, no one should be surprised that it took him 3 minutes to write his jibberish

  • Pig Dick Jones

    Chief Keef for President………. Of Jupiter

  • Raydio G of Hotstylz

    It’s people who been rapping for 10 years trying to make it out of Chicago, and he gained more buzz in 10 MONTHS than they gained in that entire 10 YEARS.

    Don’t hate, appreciate him…. support him! He actually got the media focusing attention back on the ENTIRE Chicago music scene.

    The CONSUMERS decide what’s “wack” or “garbage”, not you duck ass rappers. I’d rather see the lil nigga on BET than in the Feds or dead.

    #Hotstylz Fuckz Wit Chief Keef and the whole Movement, keep workin lil niggaz….keep workin

    • Bigga

      just cuz he made it doesn’t mean he has actual musical talent though. that’s all i’m saying. i am happy for him.




    His bodyguard? Oh ok

  • Pig Dick Jones

    Gaydio G shut up nigga, Yung Joc dumped deep dick in you niggas and sent yall back to Chicago to work at da neighborhood beauty supply store nigga. Show me where da white tees and doorags at nigga, Hurry up my bus comin…

    • J.R.

      Lmaoooooooooo. #Treated

  • ManJoe

    He records Keef, then listens to Nas after. Guy has his head on straight.

    • ChiCityColdCity

      LOL, I said that too!!!


    This shows even more why Chop really should chill & has potentially jagged a good look for his brand & carreer. Ye just sent one of his main engineers & camera to record him a home..CHOP!!!!!!! Yo name is still on the beat!!! This Is The CHI & IT’s Our Turn!!!!…. #LETSWORK!!

    • Jerry Curl

      “its our turn”….yea right…this crappy style will get a hand full of rappers signed from labels who want to capitalize off its current wave….once that wave is over, TRUST ME!! Chief Keef better eat while he can!


        @Jerry Curl (lol)
        It doesn’t matter about the style as much. If you’ve been paying attention, there are several styles of Chi artist buzzing. Lep,Chance the rapper, Mikkey Halsted, Cap 1,Bj the ChicagoKid, Bo Deal, Kp&Ville CTC Crazy to name a few …W/ more on the way…..Most of them have different styles & some are similair. It doesn’t matter!!! It’s Chicago’s turn & we really shouldnt jag it off(pause) I will keep reinforcing my point throughout this blog. #LetsWork!! is the motto!! Business is 1st!!! Remember That!!

    • Jerry Curl

      You know what…I like your positive outlook you’re a good dude and a hard worker I can tell….therefore I wont argue my point even though I disagree to an extent…but I always ride the wave of positive energy…..with that kind of attitude you’ll go far.


        @jerry Curl!!! Respect…. & Thanks…. 1 more time….. #LetsWork!!!!

  • Black101

    I’ve worked with Nael/ Force One Seven a few months back.. best in the city and his studio is amazing

  • Pig Dick Jones

    DjAllstyle is a good dude, and he keeps a positive attitude. But da streets are saying Chief Keef buzz will fade because he repeat da same shit over and over. I really hope da lil brother succeed, but his arrogance will see him fall. #2ManyYesMenAoundHim!!!

  • Chicago2012

    3:11 – 3:15. Man, that part had me laughin’ so fuckin’ hard. OMG!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chicago2012

    3:11 – 3:20. Man, that part had me laughin’ so fuckin’ hard. OMG!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • youngcristo

    can anybody tell what the name of the mic he recorded on ?

  • youngcristo

    can anybody tell the name of the mic he recorded on ?

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