FSD’s Favorite Chicago Songs Of 2012 (So Far)


4. Young Giftz f/ Tree “Nino”
Producer: Tree
Album: The Lake Effect 2

Young Giftz x Tree – Nino prod by MC Tree

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2012 has been a breakout year for Tree, but newcomer Giftz has also seen his profile rise significantly this calendar. So its only right they celebrate their new-found notoriety by teaming up to craft an ode inspired by the king of the Carter.

Tree’s beat is so heavenly, you almost forget they’re likening themselves to a crime lord here. Giftz rides the track in a calm, cool and collected manner; dropping calculated punchlines and clever couplets throughout, while Tree’s contrasting voice is literally cracking over the track. This hasn’t left rotation since it leaked in the spring, and not since Ice-T has someone made a song this dope about Nino Brown — and that was 20 years ago.

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33 Comments on "FSD’s Favorite Chicago Songs Of 2012 (So Far)"

  1. Young Gun

    I’m not that mad at the list it’s a couple of people I would leave off…would have loved to see Rockie Fresh make the list since he did make the top 10 mix tape list. In fact a lot of the people on that list didn’t make that one and I can’t see why not

  2. ssdd

    Andrew a chief keef, gbe, king louie, katie chella and sasha ass kisser! He don’t know good music to save his life. Forgot about Twista and LEP too.

    • lol

      true dat! i agree …problem is..he’s like the diddy of blogs…trying to be a celebrity along with the artists….stay behind the fuckin scene and blog. thats what pisses me off..if u truly love hip hop how the fuck can u promote music which sometimes u urself feel isnt good…i understand ur trying to cater to a certain demographic of people who do enjoy it but its ur blog!…ur supposed to promote good music, not trash that others like…not hating on any artist cause that shit is subjective but there’s a lot of good shit out here in the Chi that he sleeps on to promote his “friends”

  3. trapeze

    suprisingly, all the major blogs like hip hopDX.com, thisis50.com etc have been promoting really good content as of late. Funny, because the smaller blogs are being out- gunned as far as good content goes.

  4. seel fresh

    i never understood why people bitch so much on all these posts. if you are an artist just do some more music and put in some work already. most people bitching probably don’t have anything (or at least not enough quality shit complete) to promote anyways so why would a credible blogger put his rep on the line posting up shit from unreliable and/or unconsistent artists? just wondering.

    • lol

      ummmmmm there’s been multiple occasions where an artist was posted on here a couple times and only 1 of their songs was good….and to counter ur bullshit point: legitimately good artists work hard and don’t get recognized for the effort they put into the music and the meaning behind it all…while some of the ones that get posted on here have a new song everyday or few times a week and they all suck yet they get posted…DUH

  5. VIRU

    I fux with the list… I think the list order should’ve been a little different, Parkay should’ve been on it, I think the list was gauged more on the impact the records had over everything else which is dope.

  6. No Cayex “Bank Money” Parkay “Grinding” Bennie Franks “D Boy Shit” Griffen “JEFFS” SUAVE DA LYRICIST “THE CITY” Butta Da Prince “Tonight” wtf this shit bias ain’t it?

  7. Flocko-V12

    How about everybody just stfu and enjoy the music? It won’t hurt I promise you niggas….blog bully ass niggas

  8. nando

    theres no defending that weak ass “5 words per bar whatever” style that GBE has. That style is the trademark of complete fucking retards.

  9. elementzemcee

    I agree with the list. But face it people….Jordan isn’t everybody’s choice for best athlete of all time. Biggie isn’t everyone’s choice for best MC of all time. Lists are basically boxed in opinions so the sooner we all understand it, the better off we are. How about this:

    1) List the artist and song you feel should be on this list


    2) Provide a link for us to listen to the song.

    Just sayin….

  10. Flocko-V12

    Can you do better bro? If not then quit hatin on those who made it. If yes then there’s gotta be a reason yo ass ain on this list. Regardless of lyrical content and or skill u gotta respect that a nigga is gettin heard.

  11. Flocko-V12

    I was talkin to the nando dude. I was part of this project so shittin on it n any of its affiliates is offensive to me.

  12. DUTCH

    in a year that the so-called “drill” music yall hate is single -handedly responsible for puttin Chicago Back on the Map, yall want dude to not include it on his lists…fucouttahere..with that crab in a barrel shit..

  13. Lists always spark debate…and clicks!! lol

    I was shocked that there is NO Rockie Fresh, Lungz, Twista, Me (lol)…who have dropped HARD ass ORIGINAL joints in 2012…a lot of them. NEW GOD FLOW is really a Pusha T record, lets be honest….

    But Im not mad at the list. Its opinion…and above all – its CHICAGO.

    Clap 4 em.

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