Chance The Rapper – Juice [Live @ Park West]

Andrew Barber 3

Shot By @ELEVATOR_ x @TalentedAsKB

I’ll go on record saying Chance The Rapper put on an incredible show at the Park West lasts night. Chance performed as part of the Complex Magazine/Sony Xperia Ion event, and had the crowd eating out of his hands. Literally. These kids new each and every word. Well, last night he also premiered a new joint, entitled “Juice,” and today we have the footage. You’ve got the juice now, Chance.

3 Comments on "Chance The Rapper – Juice [Live @ Park West]"

  1. jasjdahsdhads

    that shit was horrible. Rockie Fresh and Fabolous was all people were their for. Chance the rapper what the fuck kind of name is that sounds like a clowns name

    • lindsay

      -to jasjdahsdhads
      you ugly as hell boyy. chance the rapper was dopeee and got that shit fuckin crackin. remove yo tampon and listen to mo chano.

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