Video: Mikkey Halsted f/ Cocaine 80s – Pain

| August 31, 2012 | 15 Comments

Directed by Alex Wessley and IPW. Produced by No ID.

Mikkey’s pain runs deep — and today he shares it with you in visual form.

Shouts to Artium, whose roster is quite stacked from the looks of this clip.


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  1. black says:

    Simply the best that Chicago has to offer, barring None. No ID has hip-hops next Superstar. I really feel like the next Jay and Nas has been here the whole time & we been sleeping cuz Jay and Nas are still so relevant.

  2. solid says:

    Why haven’t they announced his Def Jam signing yet?

  3. Low EnD says:

    Def Jam ain’t sign him. They signed Reese & Durk. I think Ye has a pack w/ Dion to keep him from taking kanYe’s spot. That’s the only reason i can see for him not being signed. I check all the rap sites, his buzz is bigger and his music is waaaaaay better. Castro is the only album put out this year that I don’t skip shit, including Ross and Nas

    • solid says:

      You trippin. the nigga dion is in the vid. if he didn’t sign him to def jam, which i think he did, then maybe he doesn’t have the power too. nigga wouldn’t be in the vid if he aint vouching

  4. Lady says:

    Dope Visuals. Handsome azz man.

  5. Chicagos mad man says:

    Common vouching. I feel a take over on the horizon. Common in a video with a local Internet artist???? That should have been the headline. That ain’t never happened. Mikkey cold enough for it tho. Yeah I say a huge take over. Wouldn’t be surprised of Nas on his album

  6. mikkey halsted says:

    Shouts to Traxster Inc, Artium, Don Cannon & the whole squad. Teamwork makes the DreamWork

  7. IKNO says:

    Mikkey is about to force these niggas hands, Ye scary ass wont have a choice soon, he’s such a dick rider he gonna hop on especially if the MMM is just as crazy as Castro

  8. SouthSide773 says:

    Mikkey is Chicago and Hip-Hop all day! Get right or get left!

  9. real talk says:

    There’s about 500 other rappers in this city that are label worthy.. take a number.. the music bizness is also on the verge of bank ruptcy.. these dreams of being a rap star ispractically dead.. plus real skills don’t count for shit either .. look at chief keef… he’s gonna be way bigger in the industry than mikkey will achieve.. the rap game is dead .. sad but true.. imo he ain’t as hot as yall hyping him .. he cool.. he should just make money underground & make good music… Fuck the bullshit .. Fuck a def jam.. how many artists have they put on & spit out over the years.. too many..

    • black says:

      I guarantee chief keef wont be around in 1yr and Mikkey gone be a superstar. that shit keef is on is a fad.. jus look at gucci, soulja boy, lil b, waka flocka.. chief keef havent put in any work to stick around he hot for now but that shit gonna die

  10. JSorce says:

    Mikkey is Ill & yall trippin the indusry is dead(no doubt) but for us dudes that’s been around since the begining of this Hip Hop sh*t don’t care about that industry sh*t cause we’ve been living this w/o the hype, endorsements or whatever you clown/ducks think solidify an artist keep doin ya thing Mikkey

  11. ChiCityColdCity says:

    This man should have been signed 5 years ago. But, the industry only wants to sign coons

  12. DarkHeart says:

    @ black I still see solja boy around making music that the kids like… A lot… He doing his thing.. he caters to his audience. I’m not sure who mikkeys audience is.. I don’t think he’ll make it too big in the game.. he had his chance.back when he was on cashmoney.. just my opinion though.. I could be wrong

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