Def Jam Releases “Us” As Lil Reese’s First Single

Andrew Barber 7

Rumors that Lil Reese was being dropped from Def Jam were just that — rumors. Today, the label unveiled the cover art and released “Us” as the official first single, which also happens to be Kevin Duran’t favorite song of the moment.

Young Chop did the beat, and the track is now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Look for his official Def Jam debut which he’s currently hard at work on. Below you’ll find the official remastered version.

7 Comments on "Def Jam Releases “Us” As Lil Reese’s First Single"

  1. Joey Buttafuoco

    I swear the only word in this track is n*gga.
    No lyrical skill at all. I can’t believe, I actually gave this a listen.

  2. Real shit

    watch any video with resse in it and he looks lame as hell… he only gotta deal cause def jam wanted to lure keef to def jam and they used resse as bait…what other songs do him or durk have? none

  3. mackattackinthis

    yeah, sorry to say it’s over. Notice FSD is the only blog fucking with this. The other major blogs don’t care. Even don’t care and ignorant shit their bread and butter.

  4. wow

    This has to be a bad dream…how is this shit making it? knowone knows this nigga @ ALL!!!!!! keef is known cuz of kanye…but who the fuck is this?

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