New Album: CWAL Mob – Loyalty Is Everything

| October 31, 2012 | 9 Comments

The Mob’s back with a brand new LP, produced¬†entirely by The Legendary Traxster. Fifteen new tracks from CWAL with Traxster behind the boards? Sounds good to me. Do yourself a favor and stream/download below.

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  1. dope album! Traxster never disappoints.

  2. R.O.W.D.Y says:

    Only because i fuks wit u Da Wreck yall got a thumbs up from da man himself keep doin it bru u inspirin me more!

  3. Ant banks says:

    CWAL MOB I love ur guys hardcore wicked raps and beats. Been a fan for over a decade now. Most of the shit on the radio if fuckn wack and thats why real recognize real.

  4. yamomma says:

    yeaaaaaaah, thats crazy! got it on repeat!! cwal mob is somethin like traxters own slaughterhouse…….killer!


    man joe this whole cd is raw!!! this that real chicago music im use 2..

  6. chi king says:

    edub snapped…..Finally some real chicago niggaz stepped up #cwalmob

  7. ThatRealChi says:

    The OG Chi sound! Gotta love it! CWAL!

  8. Jose says:

    This is definitely that tru G sht. These wack rappers better beware Chitown on da rise. Traxster did it again. If u don’t know who he is listen to adrenaline rush again.

  9. EZY-ODF says:

    People steady talkin about hip hop is dead/wack etc… They clearly been listenin to most of that shit on the radio!!! Every track on this cd is DOPEEE. This is that real HIP HOP not that bullshit they got on the radio!

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