9 Comments on "New Album: CWAL Mob – Loyalty Is Everything"

  1. Ant banks

    CWAL MOB I love ur guys hardcore wicked raps and beats. Been a fan for over a decade now. Most of the shit on the radio if fuckn wack and thats why real recognize real.

  2. Jose

    This is definitely that tru G sht. These wack rappers better beware Chitown on da rise. Traxster did it again. If u don’t know who he is listen to adrenaline rush again.

  3. EZY-ODF

    People steady talkin about hip hop is dead/wack etc… They clearly been listenin to most of that shit on the radio!!! Every track on this cd is DOPEEE. This is that real HIP HOP not that bullshit they got on the radio!

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