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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to privately message you but couldn’t see how. Just wanted to mention that I, Nic Park, cut the video. Manny directed/shot it; I edited it. It’d be cool if you could add my name on the post.

    You can verify with Manny if you want (his info is in the video description), and/or see it on my Vimeo where I had it uploaded and password protected until the youtube release.


  2. Horrible

    Vulgar and offensive, this rap song does nothing to prevent gang violence. If anything, it promotes it. The video depicts nothing of life on the tough streets of the West Side of Chicago, only men in bright red shirts hanging out on a street corner while criticizing the police that are paid to serve and protect their citizens.
    Marzett, get an education, get a job, become a mentor to young people trying to steer clear of this life.
    Or, if you want to be an artist who truly makes a difference, write songs about the violence on your streets without using expletives–they only show an immaturity to the cause. You want to be a different rapper, then, be different.

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