Gary Police Officer Demoted For Appearing In Freddie Gibbs Video

Andrew Barber 4

File under LOL of the week. After some behind the scenes footage of Gibbs “BFK” video surfaced online over the weekend, the Gary Police Department was alerted that one of their officers and squad cars were used as props. Needless to say, Gary’s finest weren’t at all happy and disciplinary actions were taken against the officer immediately. Do remember people, they’re always watching. Be careful what you put online.

The latest incident involves Johnson and his take-home squad car, featured in a home video dated Friday and posted on YouTube this past weekend.

Filmed on a Tarrytown street, the video focuses on a rap artist making his own recording with Johnson’s squad car as a prop in the background.

The squad is parked at an angle, its lights flashing while the singer moves back and forth in front of it. In one shot, he leans against the front fender.

And while the singer prances and gestures, a crowd mills around in the nearby yard. Participants take turns flashing gang signs, displaying weapons and issuing greetings to the man behind the camera.

“We’re smoking weed with the police outside,” says one man.

Another shows his “Get your Smokey On” T-shirt.

Just 42 seconds into the 4-minute video, viewers get a glimpse of Johnson in his uniform, watching the rap artist.

Chief Wade Ingram met with Johnson Monday morning. He terminated the officer’s take-home car privileges and transferred him to the garage.

Indiana law prohibits the city from firing or suspending without pay a sworn officer until the jurisdiction’s police commission conducts a hearing.

Gibbs video for “BFK” off his Baby Face Killa project should be out soon, courtesy of T.E.H.O. Media. Read the full report here.