Video: Lab Life w/ Snapbackondatrack [Ep. 1]

Andrew Barber 9

Today we present a new series featuring rising producer Snapbackondatrack. In Lab Life, Snap is followed in and out of the studio as he works with some of the Chi’s best. This will be an ongoing series that Snap will be dropping here on a weekly basis. Check out the first installment above.

Directed by Reel Eyez Productions

9 Comments on "Video: Lab Life w/ Snapbackondatrack [Ep. 1]"

  1. Daamn.. Stole my mans idea and shit :(
    Even though the director is more experienced than Massacre Tracks, Lab Life was his lil jawn.. CRUSHED DA NIGGAS DREAM. Lol, Anyway snapbackondatrack is an epic ass name.

  2. answer me dis…why would i still from a nigga dats a nobody,in my city???lbvvvs if yo shit was poppin it would have more than 400 views nigga.u betta check around before u open yo when u speakin on me,before u get yo soft ass slapped

  3. The name “Lab Life” came off the top of the head when sitting down trying to come up with a name for the series…. We went through a list of names and Lab Life stuck with the concept which is the most important thing! This series is to dive into the life of ONE producer and his interactions… Showcasing that the “lab” is his “llife”… Not to mention, if the two word term isn’t copywritten… technically its not yours! And even if you were to go get it copywritten… we’d just come up with a better name, our quality is already better… so be it!

  4. I’m willing to bet I’m making 10 times the moves you were making at 18. Damn near making as many moves as you are now. Just because you don’t know my name, doesn’t mean you don’t know my work. And you’re right, clearly the director is more experienced. All that aside, you have to agree that it’s kinda bogus to use the name when its already a uncannily similar series under the same name. I started #LabLife to showcase Chicago’s talent that might not necessarily get the most love from blogs or the press. I would sincerely hate to see this turn into a popularity contest. So, if anyone wants to have a real conversation instead of sending shots over the internet, you can reach me here: 312-912-9361 or [email protected]

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