Lil Herb x Lil Bibby – Next Up

Andrew Barber 6


Produced by DJ L

While a lot of rappers are taking it easy in the new year, Herb and accomplice Bibby are turning up completely. Dropping track after track. On this latest, they make a strong argument for why they’re next out of the Chi. Take a listen and see for yourself.

Also, as an added bonus, we have a free DJ L beat below the cut, which you can use however you see fit. They got next.

6 Comments on "Lil Herb x Lil Bibby – Next Up"

  1. HU

    When will the coonery stop? Where’s Lil Rastus and Lil Nigga Jim? These classic minstrels would fit right in with these modern day coons Lil Herb and Lil Bibby.

  2. hannnn

    Legends In The Making , These Kids Are 16/17 & Spitting Better Then Most Of These So Called “Pros” In The Rap Game , They Deserve National Attention Like Chief Keef Because Their Talented .

  3. HU

    Not much skill here. Here’s what they do: I’m a nigga, my dick is bigga. Bubble gum rolls, bitches lick poles. So much swag, paper bag, guys in drag, internet lag. niggaz. and more niggaz.

    Anyway, I’ll say they’re not as bad as Chief keef or this katie got bandz bullshit I just heard on this website.

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