The Top Chicago Mixtapes Of 2013 (So Far)

| June 26, 2013 | 7 Comments

mafioso cover

4Brian Fresco – Mafioso


It’s safe to say that 2013 has been Save Money’s year thus year. Not every member of the collective has dropped a mixtape yet, but everything they’ve released in 2013 has been stellar. This spring we got to know Brian Fresco a little better, who up until that point, we’d only seen and heard on features and loosies.

Mafioso featured his SM brethren, and other bubbling acts like Tree with the project playing out like a classic La Costra Nostra flick. The posse cut “Steamer” has been a fan favorite for some time, and the kid Fresco has two certified hits on his hands with “I Meant It” and “I Can’t Go.” Seriously. With the right push, both songs could do big things. Pay attention.

Favorite Tracks: “I Meant It,” “Steamer,” “I Can’t Go,” “Nobody”

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  • Aaron

    Definitely thought stacks 8:18 mixtape would have made the list !

  • case

    man no add-2 that was a good mix tape


    Wow no Chella H she should have been on this list zaytoven did the damn thang on the production side, no P. Rico, no King Samson his music cold as hell, and no Lstreetz and she had a crucial mixtape with Dj Scream smh

  • Jay Hen Gwoppa

    Get In Tune With Jay Hen Gwoppa

  • KONY


  • goddamngram

    volvo def a sleeper too

  • Budda black

    Budda Black “Stressing Me Out” via @youtube…NEXT IN LINE PLL!!! WATCH OUT..