Mixtape: Lucki Eck$ – Alternative Trap

Andrew Barber


This past spring, I randomly opened up a submission email, as I do on most days, and decided to play the record. Out of the hundreds of emails I receive and sift through daily, I’m not sure why I chose to open this one in particular. Something just stood out to me. Call it fate, call it luck (pun intended!), but I played the record and it passed my :30 second test (if I can’t get through the first :30 seconds, the window will be closed). Then I played it again. And again. I gave it a dope write up and moved on. A few weeks later another track hit my inbox, and it was even better. This was no fluke. The rhymes, wordplay and metaphors were too advanced for a 16-year-old. I was intrigued. We met the next day.

Fast forward a few months and Alternative Trap, Lucki’s debut project is here. The rhymes have gotten better. So have the beats. The fanbase has expanded as well, with industry types and label heads from NYC to LA trying to scoop up the young boy. He’s still a bit of a secret, but those that know, know. For someone who has been recording for less than a year, this is a very impressive piece of work. It’s not something you can just breeze through, you have to focus on it. Rewind the words. Pay attention. I could blab all day about it, but I’d rather let the music do the talking. It’s Alternative Trap time. Bask in it.

1. Count On Me Pt. II (Prod. by Hippie Sabotage)
2. Live It (Prod. Plu2o Nash)
3. Interest (Prod. Plu2o Nash)
4. Nicky Wilson (Prod. by Hippie Dream)
5. Time Wasted (Prod. Mulatto Beats)
6. Alternative Trouble (Prod. by Hippie Dream)
7. Count On Me (Prod. by Hytman)
8. Cocaine Woman
9. New Life f/ Chuck LI (Prod. Plu2o Nash)
10. 48th-49th f/ Monster Mike (Prod. by Doc)
11. Everything Outside (Prod. by Hippie Dream)
12. No Troubles (Prod. by Nate Fox)
13. Alternative Outro (Prod. by Odd Couple)


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  • i7sAK

    This shit is dope link up wit joey Bada$$

  • 2cold

    sounds like bullshit too me your list is AZZ white boy…..

  • realnigga

    Real talk ur a hateing mother fucker if u don’t like him then don’t don’t put ur bull shit online cuz I bet u can’t do any better

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