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FSD Feature: Who Runs The Show?


Words by Ryan Chandler (@NayrRyChi)

It takes a lot to be a successful hip-hop artist — a Chicago one at that. The creative process, costly studio time, and pesky politics can all get in the way. But there’s one thing that truly sets some artists apart from others, and it’s their ability to put on a show.

Performing in front of a live audience is not an easy task. It takes confidence, persistence, humility and most importantly practice. A dope performance can lead to exposure in other markets, as well as the most important revenue stream in music today —  touring.

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FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight – John Walt


Words by Clynt Johnson (@BornRaisedChi)

FSD got a chance to catch up with Pivot Gang’s rising star, John Walt, who is prepping the release of his debut project, DINNER WITH JOHN. He recently released his “Dinner With John” single, and after hearing that, we wonder just how much longer John will have any spots left at his table.

Luckily, we got a chance to catch up with him and talk future plans and discuss the artists he is most interested in working with as he progresses through the ranks of Chicago’s rising hip-hop scene.

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