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FSD Feature: Baby I’m Gone: a deep look into IshDARR’s ‘Broken Hearts & Bankrolls’


Words by Mitesh B. (@msbhatt92)

One of my favorite moments of an artist’s progression is the initial buildup of a local buzz. An artist makes a debut mixtape, may have had their song on a hip-hop blog or two, and if they’re lucky enough, had the chance to open for a successful artist. After that point, while they may feel the same, possibly a little more confident with some spending cash, they begin to realize that the dream of a music career is truly possible. On top of that, they begin to be a bit more perceptive of the people around them and how they impact their lives. Enter 20 year old, IshDARR from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After impressing listeners with his 2015 hit “Too Bad”, Ishmael has returned with his sophomore mixtape, Broken Hearts and Bankrolls.

Thematically, IshDarr’s newest release is fairly straight forward. He’s enjoying the ride of adolescence, mobbing with his friends in Bandits and Locals, the first visual for the tape. However he chooses to reference him and his friends, both tracks are fun and catchy. Locals is a stoner jam and is a smooth listen for fans. “With the punches / So when she don’t function / I just call my other / Yeah that leaf emoji.” IshDarr’s rapping can be difficult to keep up at times. While each bar is usually direct individually, he doesn’t necessarily paint a vivid picture. To his benefit, he typically doesn’t stray away conceptually so it doesn’t appear random, but it will be interesting to see him mature in his ability to connect lines through his verses.

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G Herbo & Andrew Barber attend Game 4 of the World Series

World Series with my dog @nolimitherbo. Best seats in the house! #$@& Curses! 🚫Go Cubbies. 🐻 #teamadidas

A photo posted by Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) on

Last night, the Chicago Cubs returned to Wrigley Field for game four of the World Series. Sadly, they suffered their third loss to the Cleveland Indians, leaving the series at 3-1.

But it wasn’t all losses last night, because if you watched the game you surely saw a familiar face sitting behind home plate: XXL Freshman G Herbo. Donning an Adidas #$@& Curses hoodie alongside Fake Shore Drive’s Andrew Barber, the two popped up on televisions screens all night. The best part? This was Herbo’s first-ever MLB game. Not bad, right? I must say attending a Cubs World Series bout is about as good as it gets for your first major league baseball experience. Herb tried to buck the “F*** Curses” trend, and hopefully the Cubs can break that curse tonight. Herb met the goat out front, and told the crowd he was the good luck charm, so hopefully that luck will turn tonight. Bill Murray sat behind Herb and they exchanged hugs and pounds throughout the game.

Check out some pictures below. As you can see, Herb had his fans going crazy on social media last night when they saw him getting screen time on Fox. Let’s hope the Cubs can pull off a win tonight, because we firmly stand behind F*** CURSES!

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FSD Feature: Hottest Chicago Videos of Summer 2016


Words by Andrew Jennings. 

Summer’s almost over, and soon it’ll go back to being like 17 degrees outside. Too bad, so sad. However, to commemorate a good summer in music, I listed my ten favorite Chicago music videos of Summer 16. The only criteria was that they had to have been released on or after June 1st. They also had to be unique, because I really couldn’t separate the five million videos of dudes getting hype in somebody’s room/a parking lot. No shade, though (“I Don’t Like” is a GOAT-level video.)

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FSD Feature: Productivity & Social Activism behind Chance The Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.17.00 PM

Words by Mark Zoleta

Seasons hold more value than having leaves change color or giving presents to loved ones. The seasons can turn cities and its residents into different beasts. Violence sparks up just as much as the heat does during the summers of Chicago and Chance the Rapper is one of the many that notice this. There’s a reason why Chance’s gloomy Acid Rap displays contrast between his latest release, the upbeat and gospel-like Coloring Book. It’s a way to connect to the people of Chicago and is an accessible form of nonviolent, social activism to constantly vibe to amidst the violence that we see.

While the introduction of Acid Rap illustrates traces of the radiant Chance we see today, most of the poetic devices within the mixtape were dark and somber. They followed elements of what we would typically see in rap: Women. Drugs. Violence. It’s all there. It was a different perspective than most, though, and that’s what made him so alluring.

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Warhol.SS f/ Pollari & Slug Christ – Been Ballin!


Produced by Smokeasac & Yung Cortex. Words by Aaron Navarro

I don’t know anyone who’s been ballin this summer quite like Warhol.SS. The balling doesn’t stop however, as Warhol grabs his Atlanta boys Slug Christ and Pollari (woooOOOh!) for this new one titled “Been Ballin!” Listen to the trio get it below, and check out our interview with Warhol.SS here.

As an added bonus, check out another Warhol.SS joint called “Dash” which features Black Ralphy’L and Roy French. Both are below.

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