Listen to Valee & ChaseTheMoney’s “Upgrade”

On Monday, we told you Valee and producer ChaseTheMoney have a collaborative album coming out on May 21st. Yes, the excitement is real. All Valee over all Chase beats? That’s serious business, right there.

It’s also going to be a busy spring for Valee, as just yesterday he announced the official release date for his highly anticipated solo project, 1988, which is set to impact on April 10th. The spring and summer is his, you dig?

Today, we got our hands on a loosie from Valee and ChaseTheMoney, which likely won’t appear on their untitled project, but slaps nonetheless. A throwaway? Never that. This one is called “Upgrade” and it just sprung a leak. Enjoy it while you can.

“Upgrade” your life below.

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