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Gritts x Maja 7th – Lift You Up


Producer Maja 7th, who spent time in Chicago for a few years (and dropped the solid 2010 project: The Breakout) now resides in Indianapolis, and returns to FSD with his homie Gritts for “Lift You Up.” The track is the lead off single from their collaborative EP, Wishing Well, which is scheduled to impact on December 4th. So yeah, it’s right around the corner. Get ready, stay ready.

Lend your ears to this soulful offering below. “Lift You Up” is uplifting. You’ll see.

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FSD Feature: Hypno Carlito Speaks on Chi-Raq Soundtrack, Writing “Pray 4 My City” & More


It goes without saying that Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq film has been quite controversial. Perhaps the most controversial entertainment moment of Chicago’s 2015 run. The response from Chicagoans has been less than stellar, with most artists and creatives showing extreme displeasure for Spike’s depiction of the city. Many have taken it as a slap in the face for a city plagued with violence and tragedy. It’s no laughing matter.

But on the flip side, a handful of working Chicago artists have taken part in the film and its accompanying soundtrack. Both Sasha Go Hard and Eryn Allen Kane were featured in the trailer, and a number of locals are rumored to have taken part in scoring and contributing music for Chi-Raq.

One confirmed contributor to both the film and the soundtrack is OTF representer Hypno Carlito, who shares screen time with the high profile cast, and also penned the official first single, Nick Cannon’s “Pray 4 My City.” Many took offense to Cannon being recruited for the single, but Hypno asserts the lyrics came from the standpoint of a Chicagoan. Today we caught up with Hypno to talk about the film, the soundtrack and how he got involved — his answers might surprise you. Check it out below.

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FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight – Mic Terror


Words by Clynt Johnson (@BornRaisedChi)

We recently sat down with one of Chicago’s most influential (read: bitten) artists and Treated Crew repper Mic Terror for our latest artist spotlight. Mic T has been one of the leading figures in the Chicago movement for years and is currently making waves on the ‘Late Pass Tour.’ We were able to spend some quality time with Terror, and asked the important questions such as what he likes to eat, his sports knowledge, and his impact on Chicago. Get the skinny below.

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