New Project: ChurchDontStop – Love: Beat Tape Vol. 2


ChurchDontStop a.k.a. Young Church stops by FSD with a brand new instrumental EP, which you can check out below the cut. I’ll let Church take it from here:

This project was inspired through love. Music is my first choice in anything I do. I love it. I love hearing and creating it. Though, I love music, there are ups and downs that come with it, like anything you love. There’s a roller coaster of experiences people when they love something. This project is the embodiment of my roller coaster of experiences. There’s yute, or young love, where everything seems so fresh new and exciting, then it gets deep. Soon, you’re questioning the very thing you claim to love but faith is important, because without faith, we’d all be loveless.

Three tracks that all evoke different emotions. These tracks were carefully picked out of a group of 9 to accurately portray my love to create.

Listen to Love: Beat Tape Vol. 2 below.

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Video: Payroll Giovanni – Where I’m From

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.05.46 PM

I come from a city where the hustle is real and can’t be imitated  — where your word is your bond, and your name is all you have. See, your reputation is everything in Detroit. What you do and how you conduct yourself plays a major role in being accepted or rejected. The music industry can learn a lot from a city like Detroit — the culture alone is beyond fascinating. From the music to the fashion; in addition to the entrepreneurship that built the city, the D is like no other.

Especially when talking about the history of Motown, and the influence it had on American culture. It seems to me the industry attention has moved away from talent and focussed more towards trends, becoming frivolous in a sense. Let’s just be honest there’s a scarcity of substance and content in the music biz right now. However, when you come to a city like Detroit and hear an artist such as Payroll Giovanni, an artist who provides a supply and demand for substance in his content. You will begin to hear that these are not just arbitrary words put together, but a lifestyle that only one who has experienced could only express. Take a look into a city full of hustlers and dealers with Payroll’s “Where Im From” video directed by Jerry Productions.

Cardo on the beat, of course.

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