Vic Spencer – Uppercut Facility

Uppercut Facility

Today we get a full blown knockout punch from the boy Vic Spencer, who is out here throwing uppercuts, haymakers and body blows. His record is spotless, and he’s as fearless as Iron Mike, er, Iron Mic. You get the reference, right?

Either way, he’s handing out punches, so steer clear of those fists when he starts throwing them. I’m know I’m ducking, I want no parts of that knockout facility. Except in audio form. Ha!

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Chief Keef To Take Hologram Show On The Road With New Deal


Keef and his new manager Alki David have truly figured out a way to Keef’s name in the headlines almost daily: the Keef hologram. Not that Keef’s career was lagging, but this hologram thing has even added to the legend, picking up right where he left off in 2012. In a statement released this morning, Keef announced that he’s planning to host a benefit hologram concert simultaneously in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles sometime in September. And somehow the producer Detail is involved.

The Chicago rapper said in a statement that he has partnered with producer Detail, who has collaborated with Beyoncé and Wiz Khalifa, to recruit an “all-star hip hop lineup” to perform via hologram at Madison Square Garden Company venues, including the Chicago Theatre. Representatives for the Madison Square Garden Company did not return Tribune requests for comment.

…”The Madison Square Garden Company is a powerful partner in this event. Plus we have the time, the means and the community support to fight back if Rahm is foolish enough to try to censor us again,” Hologram USA CEO Alki David said in a statement via his spokesman.


Update: It appears the Madison Square Garden Company has completely pulled out of this event and tour. Says Billboard:

“Andrew Lusgarten and his team from Madison Sq Gardens were on the phone with us earlier this week and they couldn’t be more excited about getting into the Hologram USA business. I mentioned Keef to them and his controversial image but they didn’t seem to mind,” David says. “We had a verbal agreement to build the partnership and ‘agreed to agree on the exact terms’ but basically agreed to move forward with a mid September show as the first in a series Hologram USA specials.

“Apparently since doing their research The Madison Square Gardens people have bought into Rahm Emanuel’s disturbing disregard for the 1st amendment rights. Personally I feel disappointed and but not surprised. Regardless the show will go on.”


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R. Kelly Announces Release Date for New Album ‘Buffet’


Pied Piper season has returned!

And it appears on September 25th, Kells is due to release his new album Buffet. Coincidentally, he’s doing a show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center the same night.

“Brooklyn, New York! I’m bringing my HITS to @BarclaysCenter the day my “Buffet” album comes out September 25th.”

We’re just two months out, so expect that single to impact sooner than later. Looking forward to this new one, I just hope he doesn’t make any comparisons to 12 Play. Again.

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Hannibal Buress Takes To The Streets To Discuss The Drake/Meek Mill Beef

LOL. Hannibal is fantastic.

On his new Comedy Central show, Why?, the Chicago comedian took to the streets of Beverly Hills to ask random humans about the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef. As you can imagine, most of the people interviewed didn’t know Meek Mill or the beef, and didn’t seem to care that Drake didn’t write his own lyrics. Funny stuff.

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New Project: Tink – Winter’s Diary 3


Tink has been teasing that the third installment of her Winter’s Diary series was coming, and tonight she just up and dropped it unexpectedly. It’s a beautiful thing. We’ve yet to hear it for ourselves, but her Diary series tends to lean more on her R&B sensibilities. So we’re expecting more of the same. Get into it below to see what she put together. What a fantastic surprise.

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