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FSD Feature: Coming of Age with Drayco McCoy


Words by Andrew Jennings. Photo by 

To be honest, when I found out I was gonna interview Drayco McCoy, I was pretty amped. “Know That” was actually a squad anthem for a minute, and I’ve been bumping a lot of his other stuff for a while. For the three people who’ve actually been following my Fake Shore career (hi Mom), you’ll know that my previous interviews have focused on the people who’ve influenced the artists I’ve talked to, but because the Internet hasn’t been flooded with information about Drayco yet, I decided to get more in-depth. This was actually hella interesting, so read on. Also, I think he’d want me to tell you to listen to his music before/during/after you read.

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Video: Doughboy Roc f/ Payroll Giovanni & Big Quis – Check Up

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.30.48 AM

Directed by 4sho Magazine. Produced by Payroll Giovanni.

There’s a bug going around Detroit called the “Check Up” virus and it’s highly contagious. The symptoms are as follows: pockets on lump and neck on chill.  Doughboy Roc and his BYLUG brothers, Payroll and Quis, have infected the streets with this air born virus the EPA is calling the “Check Up.”

If you’re feeling any of the aforementioned symptoms, please consult a doctor immediately for a check up. Please use precaution before watching the video below.

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Max Wonders – World Gone Crazy


Produced by Tahmi

Max Wonders drops off one last single from his upcoming debut full-length, Hues to Blame. Adding on the idea of his last few releases, Max muses on growing into manhood, and what it means to maintain, or lose, one’s youth. So we can likely expect some heaviness from that LP.

Check out Max’s latest below, and be on the lookout for Hues, which is set to drop in the coming weeks.

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