Watch R. Kelly Sing The Story of His Life

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Just last week, GQ published an odd interview/feature on R. Kelly titled The Confessions of R. Kelly. I’ll spare you the details on the piece if you’ve yet to read, because honestly, it’s something you’ve just gotta read for yourself. But towards the end of the interview, they go into detail about Kells singing his life story for the GQ cameras. GQ disputes some of the accuracies of the song and the claims within it, but it’s Kells and Kells does what he wants. He always has.

It’s something you should read. And this is something you should watch. Watch R. Kelly sing his life story below. Hopefully you have 45 minutes to spare.

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FSD Feature: Sir The Baptist: A Voice Crying Out From The Wilderness


Words by Tiffany Walden (@Waldens_Block)

“’The voice of one crying in the wilderness,
prepare ye the way of the Lord,
make his paths straight’” – Matthew 3:1

Sir The Baptist isn’t a man of material things. He’s not dipped in gold chains and expensive shoes. There’s neither a fancy car nor some super boss pad out in the suburbs. All he has is his voice and his mission: breathing knowledge into this generation one song at a time. A breath desperately needed in a time when the Black body suffocates daily at the hands of police brutality and gun violence. “John the Baptist brought people to the wilderness to escape…” the preacher’s kid says slowly, pausing to complete his thought before speaking again, “to escape the politics of that day. That’s where Sir The Baptist came from.”

He speaks well beyond his 28 years. That’s because he feels much older, Centuries older, even. He grew up in his father’s church, Bright Star Church, a Christian mecca in the middle of the projects. “The Moes were on one side [and] the GDs were on the other side,” Sir remembers. His upcoming album, Preacher’s Kid, is a reflection of his Chicago journey. You can hear it in the songs he’s released so far. There’s his most publicized joint, “Raise Hell,” where he cries out about a mother saying she’s going lose him.

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