Toni Romiti f/ King Louie – If I Die Tonight


Produced by Smino

20 years ago, 2Pac asked the question what “If I Die 2nite” on his legendary album Me Against The World. Well, in 2015, the question still holds a lot of validity, but Toni switches it’s tone for a new generation and brings King Louie along for the ride. Did you REALLY live while you had the chance? That’s something to think about.

See what Tony and Toni put together below.

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Review: Add-2 – Prey For The Poor


Words by Ronald Groves (@SupremeGlory86)

It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to be from Chicago. You watch the news and you see the violence, the fear; and for some unfortunate city residents they have a first hand account of people they’ve lost. In response, Add-2 has teamed with 9th Wonder and the Jamla Army to stand with Chicago — to show a better side and a better way. He starts off the album off with a powerful prayer that proves he’s here to speak the truth — and says what needs to be addressed:  “Our father who art in heaven, hallows be in our frame…”

On the album, Add gives a well-rounded synopsis of his experience in Chicago. On songs like “One Night” and “Say Goodbye” he goes into the ups and downs of his relationships. This is a pretty mellow section of the album, and Khrysis and 9th Wonder went out of their way to make sure this album has something for ladies who get straight A’s and watch Scandal. You can play this for your girl while you guys are just getting to know each other, or you’re simply trying to show her what real lyrics are (as we all should.)

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