D2G f/ Katrina Valene – All Lives Matter


Produced by Tripz Traxxx

When D2G speaks, you should listen. “All Lives Matter” contains some pretty heavy subject matter, so I’ll let the talented D2G elaborate further:

In an age where racial tensions are at an all time high, the undeniable demographic of victims fall heavily on the African American race. Ranging from 400 years of slavery, lynchings and beatings from the civil rights movement, down to the many acquitted cases of police brutality. It seems as if the term#BLACKLIVESMATTER would prove to be quite relevant, or irrelevant depending upon one’s outlook.

Well, enter D2G. Giving his take on this subject, alongside fellow Reflective Music artist Katrina Valene, he offers this message: #ALLLIVESMATTER . Give a listen before you give your judgment.

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