Sir The Baptist – Reunion In The Sky


Sir The Baptist, who has been outspoken about a number of community issues in Chicago recently has decided to release a song in dedication to Laquan McDonald titled “Reunion In The Sky.” Inspired by the recent events that have transpired in the past 24 hours in Chicago, Sir is calling for a union of Chicago communities. I’ll let him explain further.

17-year-old Chicagoan Laquan McDonald was murdered by a Chicago Police Department officer. While other Chicago artists took to the streets to riot and create more havoc with the police, Chicago rising star Sir the Baptist was in the recording studio to call for a reunion between the community and the CPD. As a result, “Reunion in the Sky” was born.

As Sir states, “But what is the point of rioting? This case already has national attention without it. The focus should be to use the strengths of the freedoms we already have thanks to our ancestors who fought for them. We want every person in this country to want justice for this boy and many will feel the opposite if we fight with riots, destroying our neighbors property and wreaking havoc in the streets. That does nothing for the image of this boy that lost his life. It is our turn to pull on the heart strings of every American; because the jury members will be made up of average everyday people. We can use our rights and freedoms to dictate this trial.”

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Ty Money – United Center

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Produced by Novacane

Chicago is in disarray at the moment. The edge? Screw the edge, the people have been pushed over the edge. Many residents are at war with the powers that be, and thousands of protesters took to the city streets last night to speak out against the corrupt killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

The recent events struck a chord with Harvey emcee Ty Money, who drops his most powerful song to date with “United Center.” The song is in dedication to Laquan, the protesters and the Chicagoans fighting every day for survival. He speaks a lot of truths on this one, and it’s something I promise you’ll have on repeat. He puts it all on the line with “United Center.” The people shouldn’t be afraid to speak out, and Ty most definitely wasn’t here.

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Chicago News

Vic Mensa, Ty Dolla $ign Participate in Laquan McDonald Protest, Malcolm London Arrested


Pray for the city.

Yesterday, Chicago was pushed over the edge. After footage of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by CPD officer Jason Van Dyke surfaced, protesters took to the streets to express their outrage. And rightfully so. The McDonald video has shocked the world, and struck a nerve with Chicagoans pushing residents to say ‘enough is enough.’

Thousands of protesters marched downtown in solidarity, while tensions reached a fever pitch between officers and protesters. Vic Mensa was on hand to show his support and even had a run in with police (video of reported altercation can be seen below.) Ty Dolla $ign was in town for promotion of his Free TC album and took to the streets to support as well.

However, quite possibly the biggest story of the night was Chicago artist and activist Malcolm London being arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a police officer. Just hours after London took to Fox 32 to proclaim he didn’t feel safe, he was arrested in the streets — many speculating he was set up and targeted.

Malcolm’s bail has allegedly been set at $9000, so if you’d like to help bail him and other protestors out you can click right here to donate. Click below to see more pictures and videos from last night.

Update: Malcolm London will appear in court today at noon. Follow follow for updates.

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