Too Much Gangland?

Yesterday, Bol picked up the post I did on the Rhymefest vs. Lupe Fiasco political debate and covered it on his site. Later in the day he received an email from a “Chicago” resident who made some, in my opinion, outlandish claims about politics, rappers and gangs here in Chicago:
emailing from chicago again. you want to see some bullshit on how these two dudes complaining is the fakest thing. see if you can catch…Gangland on history channel. They have a segment on GD’s in chicago and BD’s. It talks about the gang influence in chicago and how the BD’s where working with jihadist since the 60’s and shit and how the BD’s are “muslims”, sponsor businesses (aritsts), jesse jackson and others. the BD’s is the one you want to see.

Now I’m not even going to comment on this email, or his claims, but if interested you can check out his post and email here:

Byron Crawford: The soft white underbelly of Chicago rap

I do think this “anonymous” character needs a fact checker before going around and making claims about various artists in the Chicagoland area.

However, I will tell you that the Gangland series on History Channel is one of the best and most informative programs on television right now. I highly recommend readers of this site to check it out – some of the episodes are even OnDemand right now.

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Kanye West – “Flashing Lights” Video Preview

Kanye posted this “preview” over at his blog, from the editing room of his new video, “Flashing Lights”.

Well, this isn’t much of a preview. It’s more like a picture. A very nondescript picture at that – so draw your own conclusions.

From the looks of things, it appears Kanye is basing this video on the 1987 smash-hit movie Monster Squad.

But I could be way off.

Let’s hope so, at least for Wolfman’s sake.

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Giveaway: 2 Free Tickets to see the Cool Kids at Skatefest

Fake Shore Drive is giving away two FREE tickets to Midwest Skatefest ‘08 courtesy of the good people at Hype Promotions.

Where: Krush Skatepark, 8059 West 185th Street, Tinley Park, IL
When: Saturday, January 12, From Noon til Close
This is an all age event….

The Cool Kids are headlining the event, with additional performances by Eyedea and Abilities and many more. If you aren’t lucky enough to win the two tickets, you can purchase tickets to the event here. It will be a really cool day, so don’t sleep on it…

Send an email to [email protected], with “Skatefest” as the subject title. Try your best to make me laugh and if it’s amusing enough, you’re the winner.

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