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FSD Feature: Best Projects Of 2014 (So Far)

| July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments


Yes, it’s hard to believe that half of 2014 has already vanished — but with the first six months already under our belt, we’ve received some incredible music from the Chicago scene.  From newcomers, to vets — it appears just about everyone has put their best foot forward this year — and many artists have churned out the best work of their careers.

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FSD Feature: Dally Auston: Welcome To Dallywood

| July 8, 2014 | 2 Comments

Words by Kemdah Stroud (@jimisavannah)

In my first interview for Fake Shore Drive, I had a lengthy chat with SaveMoney’s Dally Auston, where the rapper offered some insight into his craft, his future and much more. He became an open book, sharing on his views on life, how he plans to move forward, and of course the plans for his music.
With only two projects under his belt, The Wood and Westside EP, Dally has been splashing his way into a broader audience with each and every release. We also spoke in-depth about his next project Roses, which should be the project that truly shoots him into the public consciousness. Welcome to Dallywood. It’s his time.

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FSD Feature: Yeezus — One Year Later

| June 18, 2014 | 0 Comments


Words by John Walaszek (@JWalaszek)

A year ago today Kanye West released his sixth studio album, Yeezus. The album is no doubt the darkest of Kanye’s work, and Yeezus can be summed up as 40 minutes of music, anger, and pure aggression packed in a clear case.

Leading up to the release of Yeezus, Kanye was finishing his ascent into the top tier of A-list super stardom. He reached that level where your parents, aunts, pets, coworkers, and just about anybody on the planet had their own firm opinion of Mr. West. His engagement to Kim Kardashian, and the birth of their daughter, received seemingly all the press; and then there were the battles with the paparazzi, disputes with Nike and the self-comparisons to Steve Jobs. Kanye was talking his shit again, but his audience was bigger than ever, and many people weren’t ready to hear it.

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FSD Feature: A Guide To Harold’s Chicken In Hip-Hop

| June 9, 2014 | 4 Comments


Words by John Walaszek (@JWalaszek)

Harold’s Chicken Shack is a Chicago staple. Period. It’s an iconic brand that has flourished in the Chicago market for over six decades (that’s a lot of dead birds.) The delicious fried chicken shack is located in all corners of the city, and are now popping in other markets across the country such as Dallas, Las Vegas and Atlanta. Harold’s has been wearing the crown of Fried Chicken King since 1950 and shows no signs of vacating the throne anytime soon(that is, unless, you’re an Uncle Remus supporter.)

With such a long history in the Chi, it’s only right that the franchise has been name-checked by many of your favorite rappers from coast to coast, and it’s also many out-of-town-rapper’s first destination when entering Cook County. Common, Kanye, Chance The Rapper, even Cam’ron have all had affiliations with Harold’s.

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FSD Feature: Pivot Gang : Who Is Sisqo?

| June 4, 2014 | 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.25.21 AM

Feature by Holiday Kirk (@HolidayKirk)

My meeting with Pivot Gang was ordained by none other than God himself. How else to explain the 80 degree temperatures and crystal skies that greeted me that Sunday? After plowing through snow in April and 50 degree weather in May, Chicago actually had the good grace to loan us some decent weather. I took one step onto my porch, breathed deep the warm air, and thought to myself “Traffic is going to be fucked up.” And boy was I correct.

At one point on I-90 I got out, walked to a JJ Fish & Chicken, ordered a six piece meal, walked back to my car, and traffic hadn’t budged an inch. Proper planning by myself actually put me in front of the studio where I was to meet with ascendant rap collective, Pivot Gang, a bit early. Eventually, I was greeted by their manager Jonathan Cuevas and ushered inside where we were joined by four Pivot members; Saba, John Walt, MFnMelo, and Squeaks. Saba led the conversation as the guys walked me through the group’s past, present, future and most importantly, which Pivot member is Sisqo.

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FSD Feature: 10 Essential Treated Crew Videos

| May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments


This weekend, the Chicago army (better yet a navy) known as the Treated Crew is set to drop their sophomore album, Treated Tribe. The album release is in tandem with their high profile clothing collaboration with Stussy which also drops on May 31st.

The new album and Stussy collection will no doubt draw in a slew of new fans and supporters, but what many of these newbies don’t know is that the Crew has been putting in work on the Chicago scene for years — and have a dope catalog to show for it. Nah, this ain’t nothing new. These kids have been doing this. And been dope.

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FSD Feature: A Guide To Derrick Rose Rap References

| May 19, 2014 | 3 Comments


Words by Josh Williams (@JayPCK)

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in NBA history and with that newfound fame came many references in today’s most popular rap songs. His name and number are fairly easy to incorporate into verses  – not to mention his crippling injuries serve as fantastic rap industry metaphors.

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FSD Feature: Chicago Rappers Discuss Their Side Hustles

| May 12, 2014 | 3 Comments


Words by Ben Cronin (@onedognight)

Spring has arrived and it’s a nice reminder that Chicago has a particularly lush rap scene blooming before us. Everyone is hustling to make sure we are steady bumping their sounds at outdoor parties, during late night train rides, and at the crib. With spring here, we have a bucket of warm weather releases to anticipate and (hopefully) some summer anthems to keep in rotation.

Chicago artists seemingly never sleep and it can be easy to get carried away on the words of our city’s best. We often fetishize the lifestyles we hear about in raps, but rest assured, musicians have to hustle to get theirs, too. Not everyone lives in the studio nor do they ride with their respective mobs at all hours of the day. It’s important to step back and realize that the music that we consume rapidly takes time and money to create.

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FSD Feature: Eating Up The Chi

| May 7, 2014 | 0 Comments


Words by Ryan Chandler (@NayrRyChi). Photos by Chrishonne Givens (@ChrishonneGivens).

With spring and summer slowly but surely approaching, Chicagoans will again be venturing back outside to enjoy some of the best food and music festivals in the country. Chicago’s diverse culture creates and abundance of delicious food options and an infinite amount of creative sounds.

Chicago’s culture and appetite makes it a true melting pot of flavors and dishes from around the globe. From deep-dish pizza to Chicago style dogs (no ketchup!) to Garrett’s Popcorn, Chicago cuisine is always a hot topic. But there’s so much more to the story.

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FSD Feature: You Might’ve Missed: Slept-On Music From 1Q’14

| May 5, 2014 | 2 Comments


Words by Louie Hernandez (@LFH25)

It has been a long, grueling winter in Chicago. But the good news is that the weather is starting to break, and summer will soon be upon us. In the first quarter of 2014, Chicago artists released a slew of new music including heat from veterans such as Common and Lupe Fiasco, and young stars like Chief Keef and Chance The Rapper also blessed the public with a handful of new joints.

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