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Stream King Louie’s new album ‘Tony 2’


Exactly one year ago today, TONY was almost struck down after unknown assailants opened fire during a drive-by shooting in Chicago. Thank God he’s still here. Still kicking, still breathing, still working — and most importantly still able to see his daughter.

Since the near-fatal attack, the God of Drill has been quietly working. Not making a big fuss, no big announcements, just hunkered down in the lab to craft and create the second installment of his Tony series, Tony 2. In my opinion, the first addition was Louie’s best work to date, so expect nothing but the same from the sequel.

This project is something we never might have seen, so cherish it. Celebrate it. And on the one year anniversary of Louie’s survival, let’s celebrate him. He’s a champion. He is the King. Long live the King.

Stream Tony 2 below.

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Watch King Louie’s new video for “This That” from Tony 2


Directed by @JVisuals312

Tony 2 is here. On the one year anniversary of Louie’s near-fatal assassination attempt, the God of Drill releases his long-awaited follow up to his classic project, Tony. This comes in the form of T2, the second installment of the thrilling series.

To pair with the new album, which arrives in moments, Louie blesses us with the visually stimulating “This That.” Yeah, it’s that 99, 2000 shit. And it’s most definitely taking over for the 99 and 2000s. On the track, Louie pays homage to the Hot Boys from Bayou, and their legendary run at the turn of the century.

He’s bringing it back to that. Back to basics. Back to Tony. We welcome him back. Long live the King.

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