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King Louie f/ Jessie Reyez – It Hurts (Selena)

| April 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

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You may or may not have known, but yesterday marked 20 years since the death of Mexican American singer/songwriter, Selena. God bless the dead. In honor of the 20 year mark, King Louie has decided to cut loose another dedication to the fallen singer, this time featuring Jessie Reyez, for the heartfelt “It Hurts (Selena).”

After hearing Louie’s super-popular “Till I Meet Selena,” now this, you may be wondering just what Louie’s connection to Selena might be. Well,  I’m here to explain that to you. Louie grew up in a Mexican neighborhood, and was a young child when Selena was tragically murdered. Louie’s neighbors were devastated by Selena’s death, and the reaction to her passing has always stuck with him. He wasn’t a fan of her music at the time of her passing, but as time has progressed, he’s grown to admire and cherish her work. Louie never saw a community react to a death quite like his neighbors reacted to Selena. Not Biggie, not 2Pac. But Louie hopes to be remembered like Selena when its his time to go. Eerie, but accurate.

Selena would have been 24 years old just two weeks after her death — the same exact age as featured singer, Jessie Reyez. There’s a lot happening here, so take a deep breath and enjoy it all. R.I.P. to Selena, and remember her with this new Louie and Jessie record. It still hurts.

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Video: Hi-Def f/ King Louie – Bentley Keys

| March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Back in January, Hi-Def and King L dropped this track in Mp3 form, and today they return with the crispy new video for “Bentley Keys.” Do you wanna ride? Well, buckle that seatbelt and cruise through the city with Def and Lou. No itch, strictly leather.

Video: Rello x King Louie – Deep Cruisin’ Part II

| March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Rello’s second installment of his “Deep Cruisin'” series with King Louie gets an official video. Watch them come together for the fantastic voyage up top. Part deux is another winner.

Is King Louie the King of the Chicago Summer Hit?

| March 25, 2015 | 1 Comment


As the seasons slowly begin to change, and the snow melts into dirty puddles throughout the town, many rappers — aspiring or otherwise — begin their plans for a summer rollout. Having a “song of the summer” is something most rappers aspire to attain, but almost all miss the mark entirely. When ya try hard, that’s when ya die hard. But most songs that actually pick up steam during the sunny months ended up there by chance, not by a calculated effort or putting an R&B singer on the hook.

Most of the time it just kind of happens, as after all, fans and random listeners are the people who anoint the hits. Sure, record labels and radio can brainwash you into liking something thanks to repeated plays and singles with actual budgets behind them, but with local hits that’s not the case. With local hits, there’s almost no radio play other than in the mix-show. Seriously, almost no local rap will make a station’s official playlist — no matter how big the song gets. That just doesn’t happen here. It’s unfortunate, but such is life.

Over the past few years, tracks like “Wife Er,” “Love Sosa,” “Hang Wit Me,” “Us,” “L’s Anthem” and anything from Chance The Rapper have dominated YouTube, Soundcloud and any other platform young listeners use to consume music. All the aforementioned tracks have been big locally (and sometimes regionally and nationally) in their own right, but one artist continues to pop up year after year with a song that dominates the city every summer. And that artist is King Louie. The proof you ask? Well, let’s take a look back:

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Rello Dreamer f/ King Louie – Deep Cruisin’ Part 2

| March 16, 2015 | 0 Comments


Back in late 2011, Rello dropped one hell of a collabo record with King Louie titled “Deep Cruisin.” It was released just as the Chicago scene as a whole was taking off, and especially Lou. They definitely made magic happen on that record, and in 2015 (yikes!), they emerge with a brand new version. Yes, the second installment of “Deep Cruisin” is here close to four years later. Funny how time flies.

How does it measure up to the first? Find out below. Shouts to DJ Honorz on the assist.

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