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Watch A Recap of #CrazeFest

Words by Ned Mower (). Video by Seante Lackey ().

You’ve probably heard by now, but #CrazeFest was pretty crazy Saturday night at the Wolf Lake Pavilion in Hammond, Indiana. Hosted by DJ Hoop Dreams and Law Cannon, the show was highly anticipated, with headliners consisting of Lil Bibby, Tink, Riff Raff, Rich Gang’s Jacquees and yes… the unannounced Chief Keef hologram. Although the show was cut short by local and state police, the short-set format allowed the crowd to get exactly what they wanted from each artist.

The accompanying acts included Mano, Logan, Hurt Everybody, Mano, Mic Smitty, G-Scott, E. Nos, Bk Bambino, B. Adams, DJ Oreo, Boi Jeanius and DJ Amaris; who all showed up and killed it with the limited time they had. The quick 20 minute sets kept the crowd hyped and on their heels, which led perfectly into the headliners.

With rumors about the “special guest” swirling all night, the crowd went absolutely insane when they saw the large visual of local artist, Chief Keef. Hologram Keef got two of his hits in with “Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa” before the cops pulled the plug. He also got some words in, preaching against gun violence and stating, “let the kids grow up.” It was a crazy sight considering Keef is (allegedly) banned from the city; but he succeeded in performing for his home crowd even if he couldn’t be there.

In all, the energy was through the roof the whole day. With the combination of each and every performer and the anticipation of the finale, there is no doubt that #CrazeFest 2015 was a success. The best part? There was no incidents or violence the entire day.

Lucky for you, we captured all the highlights. Check them out up top.

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Lil Bibby Talks Free Crack 3, Collabo Project w/ Lil Herb & Chiraq Soundtrack

In a rather candid interview with HipHopRevival, Lil Bibby touches on a number of engaging topics ranging from his new project Free Crack 3, to his long awaited collabo album with his partner in crime, Lil Herb.

Bibby reveals that Free Crack 3 is to feature a “bigger” sound as far as production, and says the overdue project with Lil Herb will be out at the end of this year or early next year. He also shares his thoughts on Spike Lee’s Chiraq movie, and says he was involved in the soundtrack.

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FSD Feature: Chicago & This Year’s XXL Freshman Cover


Words by Mosh (@CMosh2)

Last Wednesday, XXL dropped their highly anticipated 2015 Freshman cover, and we were all hoping for another class similar to 2014, but instead, got possibly the most disappointing class yet. Tink became the seventh Chicago artist to make this highly touted list, joining Lupe Fiasco, Lil Bibby, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper. Making the cover was great timing for Tink, as her highly-publicized and anticipated debut album, helmed by Timbaland, Think Tink, is due out later this year.

This is a well-deserved accolade for Tink from the team over at XXL, however they missed the mark on a few other up and coming artists who could’ve benefited from such exposure, most notably Mick Jenkins. After the success of The Water[s], it seemed like Mick was a lock for the cover, but apparently XXL thought otherwise. The Water[s] was received incredibly well by fans and critics alike, and was an excellent follow up to 2013’s Trees and Truths project. Shortly after the list dropped, Mick tweeted how “It doesn’t change the fact that ima keep comin wit it” and we don’t doubt it after his most recent single “P’s and Q’s.”

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