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FSD Feature: Why Isn’t This On The Radio


Words by Carlos Arrieta (@LOSO.70)

Sometimes you hear a song that changes your life. I don’t mean anything grandiose such as the song will alter your behavior or your point of view of the world. After all, that is a lot to ask of what is essentially organized noise. Never the less, I can genuinely say that Lil Herb’s “On the Corner” changed my life. It is a song that whenever I put on makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. “On the Corner” first appeared on Lil Herb’s debut mixtape Welcome to Fazoland back in February of 2014. It is 4 minutes and 44 seconds of pure Chicago.

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Goodbye Tomorrow f/ Lil Herb – NoOne or NoThing


World Premiere.

Bet you never saw this coming? Goodbye Tomorrow and Lil Herb? Yeah, it’s THAT serious. The mysterious Chicago troop gets down with one of the illest emcees in the city for their latest offering, “NoOne or NoThing.” It’s a clash of two worlds, over a slow-rolling intergalactic instrumental, featuring both harmony and hard bars. Opposites attract? Nah, this is a match made in heaven. This one is a winner, and now you can listen for yourself below. NoOne or NoThing can stop you from doing that.

We continue to wait on more information on who exactly Goodbye Tomorrow is, or when their debut project is coming out, but we’re actually excited that they’re letting their music do the talking. Actions speak louder than words, and these guys are moving right now. All will be revealed eventually, but as long as they keep giving us good music, who cares?

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