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Video: Mic Terror – N’DIS

| May 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Directed by Leondotcom

This video is great. Today, Mic Terror gives us another visual from his Treated Crew + TekLife presented project, Live From Your Mama’s House, which is stellar and dropped last week. I’ve kept that thing in rotation since it impacted, as it’s one of the more unique projects to drop this year — there’s really nothing that sounds quite like it in the marketplace right now.

Tek and Treated keep the ball rolling with this great new video for “N’DIS” which features rap game Paul Bart Mall Cop bumping heads with the bad boys in black. They even get to footworking. Hollywood Holt, Mano and a number of others make cameos. Check it out above, I promise it’ll make you smile.


New Project: Treated Crew + TekLife Present: Mic Terror’s Live From Your Mama’s House

| May 14, 2015 | 0 Comments


Presented by Treated Crew and TekLife.

The wait is over, and the party in your mama’s house has officially commenced. Mic Terror will be serving as your master of ceremonies, while TekLife and Treated Crew pack the house wall to wall. Mano’s there. So is Spinn.  Gzus Piece, Suli and Drea are all parlayin. Phil and Taso are chilling. And we’ll never forget the memory of Rashad.

Long short? It’s cracking over at your Mama’s house. So much in fact that these two factions joined forces to create an EP about it. Seven songs to be exact. It’s juke, it’s rap, it’s Chicago, it’s beautiful. Fans of either genre should check it out, it’s a very complete and bangs-filled project.

You can now stream below. Hopefully your mama’s house has Wifi.

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Treated Crew + TekLife Present: Mic Terror’s Live From Your Mama’s House [Cover Art + Track List]

| May 11, 2015 | 0 Comments


This Thursday, May 14th, Treated Crew and TekLife connect to bring us Mic Terror’s Live From Your Mama’s House EP. The project is seven tracks deep, and features production from some of TekLife’s finest including DJ Phil, DJ Taso, DJ Taye, DJ Heavee, DJ Rashad and DJ Spin. Treated Crew reppers Mano, Drea Smith, Sulaiman and Gzus Piece are also all along for the ride.

I’ll let Mano explain further

When u want something done #right u do it yourself. We heard people try 2 make juke/rap music using weak rappers and worst of all making juke beats and not actually using the technicians of the craft (juke producers). Rest in power to my big bro @rashadtlife I knew him and @djspinnteklife since I was 14 going 2 Markham roller rink juke’n girls and foot working. When I got older and I started 2 DJ “hipster” parties around the world people were playing their music and taking their credit 4 introducing a new genre of music. That’s why I was glad 2 see Rashad and Spinn take Teklife 2 see the global heights it has so far. One year b4 our brother @rashadtlife passed we did pitchfork fest with him at union park. He played a lot of tracks with soul samples like they use 2 make back in my Sunday night union hall college party days in hs. Me and @micterrorgramwas like man we need 2 rap on this shit and now we have a new future tone 2 hip hop. It’s not about making a new wheel it’s about learning how u can furtur use it in other ways. May 14th this Friday fall in love with hip hop again like u did the 1st time u heard it.

Hit the jump to check out the official track list.

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Check Out Jugrnaut’s PRPL Label Cypher f/ Mic Terror, Netherfriends, Saint Millie & Beach Jesus

| May 2, 2015 | 0 Comments

Jug’s cypher series continues for their PRPL label line, and today they have Mic Terror, Netherfriends, Saint Millie and Beach Jesus step up to the plate for a traditional cypher live from their store.

Props on this ad campaign. The new gear is available in-store and online today. Go buy them all now.

“Jugrnaut cut and sew PRPL Label SS Button Ups made in Chicago with imported Japanese fabrics. These pieces fit amazing and they are perfect for spring/summer. Five button ups will be available stars, wild things, brown camo, wavy camo, and patchwork rock them open or buttoned, two looks one shirt. Each button up has a small stash pocket for your confidentials.”

Video: Mic Terror & DJ Phil – Free.99

| April 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Directed by Steven Patton and Jamezz Hampton

The Treated and TekLife takeover takes another turn today, as Mic T and DJ Phil emerge with the video for “Free.99.” This great song now has an equally dope accompanying video. And guess what? It costs you Free.99. But be sure to pay like you weigh when that Live From Your Mama’s House EP drops in a few weeks.