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Watch Episode 1 of Mic Terror’s High On History: The Origin of White Jesus

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It is my great pleasure to bring you the world premiere and episode one of Mic Terror’s brilliant new webseries, High on History. Mic recently showed me a rough of the first episode, and I was immediately impressed — it’s one of the dopest and most creative projects I’ve seen, so we’ve partnered with him to bring you season one. Yes, this is going to be a lengthy project, taking you on a walk down memory lane in the coolest way possible. We can all agree that humans have lived a pretty fucked up and savage existence, so the best way to analyze the craziness is high. On pot. With Mic Da Terrible as your narrator.

Today, we kick it off with “The Origin of White Jesus.” The full story of how White Jesus came to be, and where his pasty likeness came from. Because, well if you didn’t already know, the pictures you see aren’t what Jesus would have looked like at all. So how did this happen, well let history expert and brilliant mind, Mic Terror teach you. Class is in session — and there will be a test after this. Ha!

So sit back, relax and enjoy episode one of High on History. You’ll be glad you did.

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Mic Terror – I Don’t Call The Cops


Produced by Akonixx

In Mic’s world, he prefers to police himself. Meaning, if there’s an issue, he’ll handle it for dolo. He’s not calling the cops — that’s just going to lead to more problems — mainly for himself. In this new one, he highlights his distrust of law enforcement, and forewarns any foes, bros or hoes who might ‘wan test him. Think twice. 911 is a joke, indeed.

Welcome to the Terrordome 3 coming soon.

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Treated Crew Collabs with PHENOMENON for LOOP MA-1 Bomber Jacket


Fans, followers, friends (and even the envious) of the Treated Crew know that this collective has been on the cutting edge of fashion for years. Setting many of the trends which are popular in popular culture in 2016. They probably did it first.

That being said, the Treated Tribe are back with a new collection piece for the 2016, with their collab with PHENOMENON: the LOOP MA-1 Bomber Jacket. The incredibly dope piece of outerwear is now available overseas and online, and can be shipped directly to front door by clicking right here.

We also have some additional pictures of the jacket below, shot by Bryan Zawlocki. Check out the full spread featuring Mano, Mic Terror and G.O.D. Jewels under the cut — and be sure to grab yours today.

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Mic Terror f/ Gzus Piece, Roy French & Nick Jr – Wicker Park

Mic Terror - Wicker Park

Produced by Taylor Made

The Treated Crew and Drip Gang connect for an ode to one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, “Wicker Park.” Well, the song is really a dedication to soiling the soil in various neighborhoods around our fine city, but “Wicker Park” is the park of choice.

It only makes sense, because that’s where I first saw Mic Terror perform like eight years ago. Right off Milwaukee. True story. Today, Mic T does the deed in Wicker Park and brought Gzus, Roy and Nick Jr along for the ride.

Hop off the blue line below.

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FSD Feature: Artist Spotlight – Mic Terror


Words by Clynt Johnson (@BornRaisedChi)

We recently sat down with one of Chicago’s most influential (read: bitten) artists and Treated Crew repper Mic Terror for our latest artist spotlight. Mic T has been one of the leading figures in the Chicago movement for years and is currently making waves on the ‘Late Pass Tour.’ We were able to spend some quality time with Terror, and asked the important questions such as what he likes to eat, his sports knowledge, and his impact on Chicago. Get the skinny below.

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