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Video: Mic Terror f/ Mano & Gzus Piece – L’s Up

Directed by MUDWINGMEDIA. Produced by Teklife Phil & Mano.

L’s up for them jukers.

My favorite records from the Treated Crew and TekLife’s Live From Your Mama’s House album finally gets a video — live from Pilsen. If you slept on that album, let this video wake you from your slumber. Trust me, you’ll like it. Before you know it you’ll be footworking in front of your mirror. Swear.

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JDott Trife f/ Mic Terror – F*ck’em All (Mano Remix)


Treated Crew Edition

JDott Trife and DJ O-Zone dropped the very dope “F*ck’em All” a few weeks back. However, today JDott returns with Treated Crew homies Mic Terror and Mano in tow for the official remix. More middle finger music for the world. Share it why don’t you.

As the story goes, Mano heard the O.G. version and loved it so much that he decided to come in and rework the record, with an inspired Mic Terror verse. This is the best way to say F’em all, right?

Says Mano:

Their is a lot awesome rappers in Chicago but I’m naturally attracted to the realist people I meet in this hip hop culture I am apart of. My fam @jdott_trife has always been a dope rapper do’n his thing. Recently my g just did 1 of the most incredible things a human can. As far as I’m concern he’s super human. God blessed my man and he beat cancer bitch ass!!! He released his 1st single off his album T.R.I.F.E #FUCKEMALL produced by my 20/3 brother @djo_zone and I instantly was inspired and loved the song overall. I really loved the tone that @djo_zone set 2 it but I just wanted 2 b apart of some great art and support my friends with my humble contribution 2 the record. I’m really in to seeing great visions become bigger please yall check out the #og #FUCKEMALL on @fakeshoredrive and b on the look out 4 my #MANOREMIX feat the illustrious @micterrorgram #treatedcrew edition thank u 4 inspiring this @jdott_trife u a star fam!

JDott’s TRIFE is due out later this year.

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Video: Mic Terror – Like This

Directed by APJ Films. Produced by Mano.

Mic Terror takes us back in time with “Like This,” and goes straight Mikey Digital, getting into your television screens and computer monitors. There’s also some grade A juking from some homegrown eye candy featured throughout. This is yet another visual treat from his very-dope project, Live From Your Mama’s House, which you should check out now if you haven’t yet already. Seriously. It’s a genre bending masterpiece. Check out how the Treated Crew and TekLife connect in the clip up top.


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Video: Mic Terror – N’DIS

Directed by Leondotcom

This video is great. Today, Mic Terror gives us another visual from his Treated Crew + TekLife presented project, Live From Your Mama’s House, which is stellar and dropped last week. I’ve kept that thing in rotation since it impacted, as it’s one of the more unique projects to drop this year — there’s really nothing that sounds quite like it in the marketplace right now.

Tek and Treated keep the ball rolling with this great new video for “N’DIS” which features rap game Paul Bart Mall Cop bumping heads with the bad boys in black. They even get to footworking. Hollywood Holt, Mano and a number of others make cameos. Check it out above, I promise it’ll make you smile.


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New Project: Treated Crew + TekLife Present: Mic Terror’s Live From Your Mama’s House


Presented by Treated Crew and TekLife.

The wait is over, and the party in your mama’s house has officially commenced. Mic Terror will be serving as your master of ceremonies, while TekLife and Treated Crew pack the house wall to wall. Mano’s there. So is Spinn.  Gzus Piece, Suli and Drea are all parlayin. Phil and Taso are chilling. And we’ll never forget the memory of Rashad.

Long short? It’s cracking over at your Mama’s house. So much in fact that these two factions joined forces to create an EP about it. Seven songs to be exact. It’s juke, it’s rap, it’s Chicago, it’s beautiful. Fans of either genre should check it out, it’s a very complete and bangs-filled project.

You can now stream below. Hopefully your mama’s house has Wifi.

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