Mush Millions


Mixtape: Mush Millions x Bodi Deeder – Birds Of A Feather


Hosted by DJ Citi

You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. And that’s most definitely the case with Mush Millie and Bodi D. Today they unleash their collabo mixtape, Birds Of A Feather, which features 15 new tracks from both emcees, including production and features from Paris Beuller, Lanipop and others.

It was 3 days before Chritmas 2013 when Mush Millions X Bodi Deeder droppped their single “Flexx” , which was a dope rap collaborative remix of a famous chistmas song . Fast Forward 9 months the duo is back with their 1st full studio project entitled ” Birds of A Feather” hosted by Dj Citi

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