Rhymefest f/ John the Author – #copsNrobbers


Produced by S1, Epikh Pro, Damon Ranger & Xzibit

In the wake of getting robbed at gunpoint for his wallet, Rhymefest links up with John the Author for a banger. to voice some grievances he had with police service he received at the station. Oh, and he enlisted an impressive lineup of producers for this one, including S1 and Xzibit (yup). Check out Fest’s words for CPD, and the guy that stuck him up, after the jump.

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Video: The Field: Chicago — WSHH’s Documentary on Chicago

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 1.55.56 PM

It appears WorldStarHipHop has fully jumped into the documentary film-making landscape, and today they make their debut with The Field: Chicago (which is executively produced by Q from WSHH). We’ve seen this movie teaser floating around for the past few weeks, as it boasts appearances from Lil Durk, Lil Reese, King Louie, Lil Bibby, Young Chop, Katie Got Bandz, Lil Mouse, Rhymefest and more.

The doc explores Chicago hip-hop’s relationship with the streets and how some of our most popular artists see music as their way out. I’ve yet to watch it, but plan to check it out now. So many of these documentaries have been made, but very few offer up any ideas or thoughts on potential solutions, so let’s hope this one at least explores that topic. Hit the jump to check it out.

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BLX [Mikkey Halsted, Rhymefest, Twone Gabz & Juice] – Pain

As discussed a few weeks ago, Rhymefest, as part of the The Black Youth Project (BYP) and Power of Purpose, Inc. (POP) have joined forces to release The Pledge, a 14 song mixtape which takes a stand against youth violence in Chicago.

The project, which was helmed by ‘Fest, features Fest, Lupe Fiasco, Tito Lopez, Mikkey Halsted, BJ The Chicago Kid, BLX and more.

One of the standouts from this project is a song from the short-lived supergroup, BLX [Blaxploitation], which consisted of Mikkey Halsted, Rhymefest, Twone Gabz and Juice. A group project never materialized, but they did record a few joints before pulling the plug. The truth is, we need these guys more than ever right now.

So check out BLX’s contribution, “Pain,” as well as the full Pledge project below.

08 Pain

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Rhymefest Announces Anti-Violence Mixtape

To combat the recent surge of violence in Chicago, Rhymefest announces The Pledge, a 13 song project, featuring local artists taking a stand. ‘Fest, Mikkey Halsted and Kaye Fox have all signed on to contribute, and they’re still accepting submissions — the last of which need to be in by July 27.

The Black Youth Project (BYP) and Power of Purpose, Inc. (POP) are joining forces to provide a platform for those who would like to use hip-hop as a tool.

We are requesting artists to submit their best song for our Back to School The Pledge Mixtape, which will be a 13 song CD comprised of songs from various local artists taking back their communal power through music. This CD is being distributed at the same time that the BYP is launching their Pledge Campaign—see below. 5,000 copies of The Pledge Mixtape will be pressed and distributed around the city.

For more details click below…

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Rhymefest Speaks To WGCI About Chief Keef Incident

Last week, in a guest post on the DonnieNicole blog, El Che had some choice words for Chief Keef and his influence. In the post ‘Fest titled Chief Keef Is The Bomb, he opens up about Keef, and the corporations that stand to profit from him.

The column popped up all over the internet, so this morning Fest dropped WGCI’s Tony Sco and The Morning Riot to clarify his statements, and explain the reasoning behind them.

You can read Fest’s column below…

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