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FSD Feature: Rockie Fresh / The Fake Shore Drive Interview


Interview and video by Holiday Kirk (@HolidayKirk)

Does Rockie Fresh believe in fate? Though I did not ask the question directly, I’m left wondering this in the wake of our time together. When I met Rockie in the green room of Lincoln Hall, he possessed the preternatural calm of someone who knows his future is already written for him. As weed smoke curled and washed away in the air conditioned room he described stunning, one in a million events in his life with the same tone and cadence you might use to describe the Pop Tart you ate this morning.

Meeting Rick Ross and P. Diddy on the same weekend, buying out Best Buy with Ed Sheeran, receiving a Chris Brown hook through email — Rockie Fresh described it all in a calm, measured tone of voice that only occasionally rose above normal tones, and in more candid moments let a warm grin creep through his face. In our time together, Rockie brought me up to speed on his life, career, and the random speed he seems to be traveling through both.

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