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Video: Rockie Fresh – Keep The Peace

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Directed by APJ Films

Rockie went crazy on this one — but we already told you that. He has that fire in his eyes and the urgency in his voice. Things are about to get real interesting — I can feel it and I can merch it.

If you know Rockie, you know he’s a peaceful dude, but don’t press the issue or it could go down. He gave you fair warning, beware. Word to the wise: proceed with caution. Peace is your best bet.

Watch the video below.

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Pics: Mano’s “The Hills” 7x Platinum Party @ Lite


Sunday night, we took to Lite nightclub in celebration of Mano’s “The Hills” (which he produced for The Weeknd) going seven times platinum. Yes, that’s seven million copies sold. It’s still climbing as well, so I won’t be surprised if this single hits 10 million sold when it’s all said and done. Diamond for those in the know.

The party was in conjunction with 3 Deep Chicago’s weekly Live at the Roxy party, and we turned it up a notch this past week. I had the great pleasure of presenting Mano with his plaque, which he touched for the first time on Sunday night. As I’ve mentioned before, my research shows that he, as a producer, has sold more copies of one single than anyone in the history of Chicago — in any genre. That’s major. So it was truly an honor to be the first person to bless him with his plaque.

The event was a star-studded night, with sounds from Boi Jeanius, Mile High and Charles Protege. Vic Mensa, Rockie Fresh, Malik Yusef, YP, Mic Terror, Saint Millie, Gzus Piece, Jon James, VIRU, Project Mayhem, Happy, Papi Beatz, Smoko Ono, Webbie and many other notables were in the house to celebrate. It was a night to remember, and one that was much needed for Chicago. This hardware is further proof that Mano should be one of the most respected producers in the industry.

Check out the full run of shots below, and stay tuned for that Diamond party. Ha!

Photos by Androu De Vera. Shouts to 3 Deep Chicago for everything. Go check out Live at the Roxy each and every Sunday, and head over to their site to learn more.

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