Skooda Chose


Skooda Chose f/ Vicki Love – Red West


Produced by Mo & Velli

He’s Skooda Chose and he’s still ballin’ like the Red West. What? You don’t get the analogy. You gotta know your high school basketball — better yet — know your Westside Chicago high school basketball to really know what Skooda is referring to.

Need more info? Well, I’ll let Skooda explain verbatim. He can tell you all about that Red West, because as always, he talks it like he lives it.

Dedicated to the Chicago public high school basketball region known as the red west .the red west consisted of the top high school team in the state as well the nation school such as Marshall,Westinghouse ,crane,Farragut ,Whitney young ,and Manley birthed. Many hood legends like Ronnie fields and aurthor ag from hoop dreams as well as professional ballers like Kevin Garnett Will Bynum ,mark acquire ,pat Beverly , and Isiah Thomas

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