Vakill Speaks On Derrion Albert

Andrew Barber

Yesterday, Fenger High album, Vakill, took to the Molemen message boards to discuss the Derrion Albert tragedy.  Below he shares his thoughts with fans, readers and all Chicago citizens:

My extended weekend was going great til i saw this… 

This is disheartening an hopeless on so many levels for me due to the fact that I AM FENGER HIGH ALUMNI and secondly because i have lived thru these moments more times than i care to REMEMBER.

what people must realize is that this shit been poppin off at fenger for YEARS, ive been to MORE FUNERALS during my highschool yrs more than any other era of my ENTIRE LIFE. which is partly to blame for the dark undertones of my character that filters through my music…u get numb to
it. My best friend and locker partner big jess lost his life at 17 comin home from fenger in a melee
exactly like this …shot in the forehead 3 times at the hands of n***az we shared world history class with.

seen females SHOT in front of this school , seen teachers stomped to near death at this school..
lost 4 close friends an 1 best friend in a 3 yr span…TEENS N****….TEENS…shit ain’t changed but the dress code and it wont change because it is too deep rooted.the roots run waaaay down and not to mention these ARE CRACK BABIES so shit has taken a turn for the worse

there is no one solution for this problem sins of the fathers 360, shit is just running it’s course.

…learn from it or learn through it..gangbangin is as american as apple more than ever…this is the biggest elephant in america’s living room.

now do something about it

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