Video: Naledge Addresses “Haters”

Andrew Barber

Naledge shares his thoughts on “Critics” vs. “Haters” and sheds some light on this oft-discussed topic.  Do you really have haters, or just a handful of people who don’t like you for competitive reasons?  Most of the time it’s the latter. 

“If you’re on Twitter and you have less than a thousand followers how can you have haters”


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  • ewwwww

    andrew why you got these wack lamers ad on your site all this fake shit the sailing. thats not a good look bro

  • Spanky

    Naledge you are beyond pompous, I actually like your music but this just made me delete all of your tracks off my Itunes permanently.

  • Prolyfic

    Well said..

    BUT!!! [LoL]

    How do you explain myself?

    Someone on Twitter with less than 1000 followers

    Who CLEARLY gets hated on

    on a consistent basis?


  • Bob B

    Prolyfic nobody “hates” on you per se. Actually Naledge is wrong….hate is not proportionate to your Twitter followers or popularity. Hate is proportionate to the amount of jealousy you conjure up. There is different kinds of hate: theres hate from jealousy, hate from annoyance, and hate because thats the main emotion that the said hater uses. In Chicago its usually the latter….every city has a mentality…in Chicago people are taught to hate before love, or hate to hide their love. back to you Prolyfic, people hate you for the second reason, because you are fucking annoying and you have no poise, class, and you have a big mouth. You havent accomplished much in your small career as a producer but your mouth and ego are as big as someone with Just Blaze’s track record. Speaking of Just Blaze you should learn a thing or 2 from him about being humble….that brother has a dream discography and is humble, quiet, and grounded. You are a clown, people dont hate you they just simply dislike you. As far as Naledge your music is subpar fam, you need to come with it, you got what a lot of artist wish they had yet you aint workin it right….either shit or get off the pot. Prolyfic if you want to see why people “hate” you watch this interview of a real producer with a real track record and check how humble he is.

  • Zack

    prolyfic people hate on you cause you a bitch!
    You hate on everbody else and expect to get love back you a fag still living off Lupe!
    I saw what you wrote bitch!
    Hitboy, Polow know what’s good!
    Stay outta other people business and find you some!

  • Prolyfic

    @ Zack

    Nah playboy.. you a shark ass nigga..

    Always have, always will be.. I know how you got that beat and I knew how you got it two years ago.. and My nigga Hit didnt know SHIT about it.. and it AIN’T a polow beat

    But fuck all that.. aye homie. keep my name out of your mouth.. stopping using me as a reference point to swindle ppl into thinking you legit when you ain’t

    and as a matter o fact.. next time I EVER see you, i’m SMACKING THE SHIT out of you.

    Period.. now run tell that.

  • Prolyfic

    @ Bob

    Have you ever spoke to or been around me?


    Then shit the FUCK UP then till you know what the fuck you are talking about


    Thanks, Management.

  • Zack

    Prolyfic you ain’t gonna do shit!
    You still a bitch and a snitch ass nigga your name ain’t worth shit in this industry homie!
    Like I said you wanna know your hated on take a look in the mirror its you!

  • Bob B

    Prolyfic grow up!!! Stop playing yourself…now you are tough, ha??? How do you call yourself a professional and you act very amateur and immature. Who would waste their budget on you. Lupe hates you and that was your bread and butter.

  • Prolyfic

    I said all I have to say… Have a nice day.

  • Zack

    make sure everybody download and support my guy reno chinati and my song hotter than the summer produced by hitboy and polow da don under zone 4 productions a company owned by polow da don

    and for the record
    i never ever would use prolyfic burnt up ass name for no business of mines i presented reno the song NO MONEY INVOLVED and because he’s a talented dude he jumped on it.
    and whats really fucked up is you cool with reno and you basically hating on him as well smh!
    you a real fucked up person prolyfic!

  • bd

    people, artists especially, put too much emphasis on that word. its alot simpler than people make it out to be. for example in music a critic is someone who listens with an open mind and is willing to admit if they think something sounds good. a hater is someone who will bash something even if they like how it sounds.

  • smog

    i saw the title of this and i thought Naledge was going to be addressin the people who hate on his shit and i was like no one should hate on Naledge he puts out good music and seems to be a good dude
    than i watched the video and was like “damn OK thats what he talkin about and i was like he right he right people are over using this hate word”
    than i looked down and saw this shit and lol
    hate goin on in the comment section

  • Luckie2k10

    everybody has haters.. not just rappers.. people hate all day everyday .. for anything you do.. just the way it is..

  • Capitol K

    Man F*ck all that, I’m tired of all these “raappers” thinking that they know everything. Naledge, yea you are a dope artist but from the looks of it, you aren’t in the streets where the real haters are, the real hatred for another person, they say men and women lie and numbers don’t? well i say all that shit is fixed, the streets never lie. The streets aren’t bias, it wants one thing, your life.

  • Windy Wilson

    You have a major deal and you still broke. Last album didn’t even go “metal”. Your opinion doesn’t matter……….or does it? Do you even live in Chicago?!!? I’m everywhere, you never there.

  • anonymous

    hate is just the chi way of lovin’

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