Vandalized Chicago Banksy Piece Restored

Andrew Barber

Last week, I kept everyone updated with the various Banksy “spottings” throughout Chicago.  His third and final piece was found on 16th Street (between Carpenter & Racine) and was my personal favorite.  However, shortly after the location of this street art masterpiece was revealed, vandals struck and defaced the wall tagging a “Banksy Sucks” above the stone monster.  The ultimate treatment.

Luckily some renegade Chicagoans, who were strongly opposed to the vandalism, restored the piece with paint and a wax pen.  Banksy stans and fans can now rejoice.

Before restoration: 

Pics: Blah + Blah Blog

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  • Vaughn

    What makes wat they did any different then wat Banksy does? Wat makes it vandalism? Essentially Isnt it all? Art is art. At least I thought

  • DV

    It’s pretty ironic that someone who writes graffiti on a piece of graffiti is called a vandal… Wasn’t Banksy’s piece vandalism in the first place?

  • Luckie2k10

    it looked better with the tagging on there.. now it looks like a shit stain on the wall.. I think Im gonna go there & piss on it too

  • smh

    ^^^^Just like in Beat Street…Ramo had the best burners…Spit hated that fact…hence he vandalized graffiti outta pain old hate…but hey…this IS Chicago, so it is to be expected…and dude’s tag is not even fresh…weak sauce. Go practice on the blue line poser.

  • FatBoi

    ^^^ I saw beat street yesterday But yeah tagging over a banksy is lame.

  • KeanTheGreat

    all it takes is to spray right on the broken part of the wall and it can never be fixed

  • StreetzisWatchin

    How can you vandalize vandalism? Banksy may be clever but he is still a vandal and dissing him is what it is. Fuck the hippy art fags that fixed it? Str8 homo. I bet GLJoe had something to do with that.


    bitch ass haters!… im glad it got restored

  • bekon77

    Damn Haters. Banksy tags about war facts and real shit. These taggers just hated, were whack as hell and didn’t put up anything real. Put up a piece next to it make Banksy look like shit… otherwise your whack and move on. My son can write better than that. I could write better than that in the 8th grade.. BEKON77…

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