ProbCause – Blog Rap

FSD Staff

Blogs > Major Labels? For real that might just be the future. Here is the first leak from Probcause’ Summer Spring Cleaning entitled “Blog Rap.”

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”ProbCause – Blog Rap” dl=””]


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  • V

    He’s clearly not seen the ugly side of being a “blog hyped” artist. It’s a lot of false hope. So often these artists’ buzz shuts off when the laptop closes. Blogs have (without intent) misled artists, who think a few mentions of their name and magically a successful career will appear.

    Blog buzz can be very advantageous to the artists that get the system. I like to think of it like a pond. The goal isn’t to get on as many sites as possible, but to fish in the right parts of the pond to catch the biggest fish. As a musician your audience is the public, but there’s a second overlooked audience, for lack of a better term, the “tastemakers”. Get your material on a site read and respected by people who run a bigger site. Soon you’re on the radar of a whole new audience, and on up the ladder until you’ve caught the attention of booking agencies and the major media players.

    Emailing your mixtape to bloggers is the new sidewalk peddling. But back then you didn’t just stand in the middle of any old street throwing copies blindly into the air, you planned and staked out the best locations where the purveyors of right attention stood the best chance of gathering.

    Bloggers aren’t going to do your work for you. You still gotta use your head. And you still gotta hustle.

    (I can’t believe I just wrote that many words in response to a track that samples the Crookers. I hate the Crookers.)

  • chriistaylor

    ^^^^^^^ and she just broke it down….girl can write

  • David

    V, It’s kind of hypocritical to bash a song about blog rap as much as you did while on a blog…I’m just saying.

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