NaPalm feat. Ben Fuller – Road To Fame

Andrew Barber

Produced by Na’el Shehade

The latest leak off Palm’s Dirty Girls Like Dirty beats mixtape that drops everywhere next Tuesday (August 3rd).   He’s had a few solid leaks thus far, including a Prolyfic produced banger and his official single “What’s Yo Name”.   Check back for the full project on Tuesday.  The road to fame is a bumpy one, but Palm is definitely en route…

NaPalm feat. Ben Fuller – Road To Fame

Previously: NaPalm – Get It In (Prod. by Prolyfic) I NaPalm – What’s Yo Name


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  • Rocko

    This that real stuff. I co-sign this joint.

  • Solo Mob Empire

    Yo Andrew I like how yo took a song we submitted & never played it but yet take this & act like it’s the 1st time u hear the shit son! For months we been submitting HOT shit to ur site nigha & u ain’t show NO love to this side! NO DISRESPECT to these dudes on the track BUT do the HONORS of putting up the REAL track son & let the people decide what they like! Show the Chi how the shit really went down! What A Hater Think by Solo Mob Empire BEEN in yo INBOX! SMH, you wanna talk about UNITY? Give ONE reason why YOU ain’t put up a DAMN thing we been submitting you? A mixtape hosted by B96′s Julian OnThe Radio / Wyclef Warrior DJ Tecnine, Young Buck show, Triple C’s show, etc etc! Yo Chi-City feel FREE to visit where u will find the REAL track to this beat!

  • R.Raven

    Solo Mob …you totally wrote this on the wrong thread, this song ain’t no What a hater think.

  • Solo Mob Empire

    R.Raven wats good pimping? You still doing them dope shoots? Still working with Robin Steel & that whole camp? We know, we just trying to get this dude Drew to make a simple reply mayne so I figured if he seen the shit on any thread we would… But yo we need to get up & get a shoot going ya digg! Send me an email or some info at [email protected] keep up that good work mayne…. U Know Wat It Is Once It Is Wat It Is… Ya Digg!

  • J Boogie

    Who is this clown wasting up space and time on someone elses post? You aint even in the same ballpark of buzz and talent as this cat, or genre for that matter. So dont say what is real and whats not. I wasted 30 seconds of my life on their myspace link and turned it off immediately. Bunch of lame flows and topics over dime a dozen beats. Go post on a different page.

  • Rodrigo Conde Martin

    A fresh new rap, great!!

  • HitlersGasBill

    this ain’t the napalm outta 40 gang right? i guess not, that dude more gangsta than this dude.

  • Tanya

    Hell yeah encore!

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