Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Ginger

Andrew Barber

A short film/music video directed by Coodie for Creative Control.  Track produced by Nascent.

Very well put together, if I do say so myself.  Off L.E.P. Bogus Boys upcoming project Don’t Feed The Killaz Vol. 3


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  • Rick Flare

    VERY SLICK!!!!!!!!!! Good shit!

  • ECHO

    Awesome visual, great song, dope concept.

  • ILL Brown


  • Lil Red



    Dope keep putting on for the city L.E.P.

  • Im Trumaine

    shout out to nascent,qb,l.e.p.,c.c.,and the video chick yes indeed


  • TY KiDD

    this right here.. is my.. shit. shouts to Nascent & L.E.P.. very dope joint!


    this shit is ILLLLL

  • Drkr[img]

    I haven’t heard 1 LEP joint that I liked yet, I don’t see what people see them

  • Drkr[img]

    ^^ ok, well I rake that back, the joint with yukmouth was good.,, not much replay value though

  • CityMan

    Wow this video is amazingi

  • Alvin Elmore

    Im feelin it


    Pure Crack!!!! Damn!! ChiTown Lets Go!! Prouds of this shit!!!

  • Chiefj4

    LOL, Just like some Chicago Niggaz to go outta state and hit the beach in gym shoes and pants! People already know we aint from there… Never seen a video out of Chicago like this before… or a video with this much creativity in a while… the actual video almost overshadows the music… but good shit, I’m fuckin’ wit my south siders all day! West Side.

    1100 Block of N. Mason

  • 74-11

    I been seeing these niggas all over the internet and havent saw one positive thing about them besides up on here niggas is making jokes on the city because of this. Niggas on rapradar think this a joke video calling them cartoon characters.

    these niggas cold tho i don’t know what all the outside go hate is for

  • What you want to say

    So ain’t nobody gonna speak on the fact these niggaz can’t rap? Video didn’t change that.

  • b

    on rick ross ish, i like

  • Rob Bates

    ol girl’s asssssss! ….man…………..smh…

    any who, DOPE video. props nascent&QB on the production.

  • Dj Broadway Streetz

    Now I fucks with this one…..I wanted the Ray J joint to be better but the video got my hands clappin’ GOOD JOB FELLAS NICE ONE!!!

  • Hustle

    Chicago has been really showin out lately.

    The whole city steppin up.

    Dope video my dudes! The consistency will kill em!!

  • Mikkey Halsted

    this shit goes hard! keep puttin on fam. I’m pullin for yall. Mikk

  • nicolas

    beat, rhymes, video, and ol girl are all great on this one, good wk!

  • Samuel

    The video is cool but that don’t change shit. These boys are still garbage and videos don’t change that. This time next year they will still be doing what they been doing for 10 years, wasting money trying to buy there way in the industry and they gon keep getting ripped off because nobody accepting they old ass into the game. Especially without a good product.

  • Mark Byrd

    This joint is just…. COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! The vibe is right, video right, hook is money, the ASS is SERIOUS! Yeah I fux with this!

  • Mark Byrd

    And if L.E.P. is checkin these comments, fux we me, I got beats for ya’ll!!!!!

  • Shakie


  • dawreck

    that shit cold!

  • Nascent

    Thanks for support!

  • kent

    Dope ass beat… straight up.
    flow… eh… alright
    overall dope track
    keep it up

  • ChiCityColdCity


  • Jonah


  • hiphopplan&simple

    good shit monnie & count

  • DJ Smokey

    This is my shit right now until further notice. I’m actually feelin this more than the Ray J song. L.E.P is killin the game right now.

  • Fred James

    Ive watched this 6 times this morning. The bizzness.

  • rico

    super dope…love the end…super cold…luv it

  • Elite The Omen

    The boy Coodie is the bizness!!! Good shit jo!!!!

  • ChitownMadness

    Ok now, This shit is dope. The video concept is original and shows that Chi Town videos ain’t all about drug deals, etc. We have 2 support each other in this game. Gettin in the game ain’t about who spit the sickest flow. Its about creativity. I think that is exactly what this joint captures. Keep doin ya thing Moonie, Count, Rugg, and E. Yall ahead of the rest of the haters. I’m starting 2 see a couple of good joints on this site now. Andrew stepping his game up.


    Man now this was SUPER OFFICIAL!

  • ChicagoKevin

    This shit is Dope… “Chicago is here, we are the best”!!!

  • Big4

    lep got big cake but they aint takin this rap shit serious enuff or maybe they aint hungry for it but they gotta allot of talent and i feel they can do better

  • Charlie Breeze

    Fuck what everybody else talkin’ about! This shit right here nigga, this shit right here! LMAO!!!! This song/visual was dope as fuck! A lot of creativity! And I peeped y’all was in the pool hall on Cottage! Keep grindin’ keep shinning my niggas!

  • diesel

    that shit was bangin 4real

  • tyco

    these niggas will neva get a deal they need to retire period! they need new management cause dat boy E a fuk up and they whole city kno it money cant buy respect homie

  • lyst

    This is dope!!!

  • Blanco Caine

    Dope!! Fucks wit it …… SALUTE!!!!

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