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  • bishopford_nwo

    i c u my nigga goin hard as always…

  • Drkr[img]

    Shit was weak, why this nigga get air time?

  • Chicago Is For Haters

    I think it’s because he’s, um… good. I know… it’s a stupid answer, but it fits the question.

  • Oak Tree

    This guy is not good. He raps the same on every single song. It doesn’t matter the beat or tempo. It all sounds like the same song. He needs to switch up his melodies sometimes and offer something different. Until then he won’t make it out.

  • Chicago Is For Haters

    Switch up his melodies? Yeah, he plays the piano bad too, right? Please. Oh, and enlighten us with the name of any rapper that you know that doesn’t rap the same on every song, and I’ll tell you what will be the winning Mega Millions pick for the Illinois Lottery tonight. Honest.

  • Drkr[img]

    Just another wack shore drive rapper

  • DOA Chi Music Scene

    he actually is huff though… a lot of the bars he says are elementary and sometimes dont even make sense. “crack the sunroof open, its looking like a tipi?” seriously??! @CIFH: u name one talented artist from chicago that shouldve been on years ago? …and i would like those lottery numbers as well my friend ^_^ kids to feed lol

  • Oak Tree

    @Cifh Be funny if you want but its obvious that he’s your homie or u wouldn’t be getting offended. My point still stands he raps exactly the same on every song. He never switches up his flow. He’s boring to listen to. And an entire cd of it God forbid. He doesn’t switch up his flow patterns on shit. Nobody’s signing him. He would put the crowd to sleep. And just for the record Jay Z, Kanye, Fab, and pretty much all rappers switch up the flow on different tracks so shut yo ass up and give me those lotto numbers

  • Oak Tree

    crack the sunroof open, its looking like a tipi…That shit doesn’t make sense. I was thinking that when I heard that line. Can you enlighten us @Chicagoisforhaters since you seem to be YPs spokesman. And why does he rap like this is 1989

  • black

    i was thinking the same thing about how he raps the same on every song but he did try and do something different in this video he did try….the teepee refers to the old native american tents and smoke would come out thru the top soooooo if hes smoking in the car open the sunroof and the smoke will flow out

  • Chicago Is For Haters

    @Oak Tree you are either 15 yo or an idiot if your gonna try to pass Jay, Kanye and Fab as folks that switch their flow. Nevermind—Had to say those three names again to confirm that you’re an idiot. And I’ll throw them lotto numbers just to help you out: 02 15 18 20 39 34. I told you last night, right? Right. Deuces.

  • The Principal

    LMAO @DOA Chi Music Scene. How are you gonna say his bars are “elementary,” yet you don’t understand the tepee reference? That my friend is funny!!!!

  • Chalie

    Either way you niggas flip it homie is garbage. Corny punchlines. smh Thats why Chicago is losing because you actually think shit like this freestyle was hot. #evl

  • mecknon

    he does rap da same and all tracks, he’s decent. he makes words rhyme…but dat doesn’t mean he wont get better. look and ross and gucci..and waka….jus give him time…

  • Oak Tree

    Gucci and Wacka is garbage so yeah I guess he is like them. I do agree with the majority he is a boring rapper. He the same on everything.

  • Slim (2fresh)

    Fam did his thang, YP i see u let em hate.

  • Vic Mensa

    Yall some goof ass niggas… YP did that shit like a spitta, all killer no filler

  • Los 51st and state

    Same flow…same timing on the punches….same nursery patterns. I mean he nice to hear in between other tracks but he got a lot of work to do. Not versatile at all yet.

  • Los 51st and state

    Oh and versatile rappers? I won’t isolate yp and start naming names. But they are shining in the underground too.

  • Tiny

    Same flow…same timing on the punches….same nursery patterns
    I couldn’t agree more. Predictable ass basic raps

  • Donny G

    Support My Nigga YP……Keep Doin U My dude, Fuk everthing else……..Donny G + Big Trev – Stoned….30,000 playz on http://ilovepwnage.com/video.php?v=MTAyNTA= ………Chicago Letz Go

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