Bump J – Send Him Off (Twista Diss) x Damn Girl feat. Twista & Jagged Edge

Andrew Barber

Yesterday, diehard Chicago music fan and friend of FSD, Professor Pickle, hit me on Twitter and requested that I keep up the Bump J posts for the rest of the week.  An FSD “Best of Bump” week, if you will.  He suggested I post something new/old/unreleased/rare or just a track I really enjoyed; so I figured “what the hey”, if people enjoy it, then who am I pee on their parade?

I wanted to start with some joints that people ‘round the way are familiar with, but for those not in the Chi, it may have never even touched their radar.  Back in the mid-2000s, there was a serious albeit brief beef between two Chicagoans and Atlantic Records labelmates – Bump J and Twista.  Nowadays, people seem to think that Rick Ross, Shyne and Young Jeezy beefing with each other while they’re all on Def Jam is a big deal – and they all don’t live in the same city.  Especially Chicago.  Do the math on that one.  The origins of the beef are somewhat cloudy now, and there are obviously two sides to every story, but rumors of street wars, robberies and Atlantic-favoritism flooded street corners, message boards and local barber shops.

As far as the song, the first and the last verse don’t mention anyone in particular, but the second verse is probably the fiercest.  Talk of broomstick fun (ayo!) and spitting 16 bullets faster than the fastest rapper of all time definitely got peoples attention.  I mean, damn, Bump and Twista, two of my favorite rappers of all time were beefing.  In the same city, no less!  What side to pick?  I patiently waited for a response from Twista, but other than a few possible subliminals, nothing ever came of it.

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and Twista and Bump got together shortly thereafter to record the feel good track, “Damn Girl” (featuring Jagged Edge), which in turn was never used for Bump’s Atlantic debut or a Twista album. The beef has long been deaded (Bump even confirmed this in our interview), but this still holds up as one hell of a diss record and a dope ass song all around (produced by David “DA” Doman). 

I’ve also included the “Damn Girl” collaboration for those who would like to hear that as well.

Bump J – Send Him Off (Twista Diss)

Bump J feat. Twista & Jagged Edge – Damn Girl


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  • Honestly Honest

    Twista would fuck Bump the fuck up!

  • Mike

    I always wanted to know why that cut was on Psychodrama’s Universal Session? Were they choosing sides or just givin’ Bump a lil shine??



  • Andrew

    @ Mike, you’d have to ask Mike Love about that one…

  • Chiefj4

    Just to clarify things, Mike Love is known for putting these types of tracks on his mixtapes, no to choose sides, but to showcase all of chicago talent. Lets not forget he had that “Come Holla At Chief” track by Payroll which was a diss track towards Kanye. Although that song had no point being on an all Psycho Drama mixtape, I remember Mike Love defending that move. Also, being the Chicago Rap Historian I am, Twista did come back with a rebuttle diss track, but that shit was weak as hell and didn’t get much shine, probably because before the general public was aware of the beef that shit was dead. Atlantic was reas scared of a Bump Twista beef, and had to take the Vet on that on… not long after, Bump was no longer on Atlantic, go figure. Respect the pioneers, especially ones from your town on your same label, even if you dont dig their shit, its a respect thing, dues thing, Bump had the streets on lock, but Twista had him on the business side. He tried to pull off what no other rapper has done in the Chi, a rapper with the buzz that Bump had actually killed his career when he came at Twista, cause after that Bump got little and “awol” so to speak until resurfacing around Obama and the Swagga like us Chicago remix. What they fuck was he doing robbing a bank in Oak Park? out of all the suburbs that are sweet in the surrounding Chicagoland area, Oak Park is not that, especially when It come to banks, Shoulda kept that shit out south. Anyway, do your homework, Twista did have a diss track and I got it!

    West Side

  • Andrew

    @Chiefj4 – send it on over…

  • Chiefj4

    @Andrew- The track is called “Talk Hard” This song was a subtle diss, and not as “direct” as Bump’s diss track, but those in the street know that this verse specifically came out addressing the beef with Bump J and as a response to “Send Him Off” or at least that’s what the streets was saying back then. I thought there was another track too, but, you can find it online if you look around, I guess they put anything online now, and that is specifically why I keep my library of Chicago Rap on lock and key, I got shit the actual rappers don’t have because of contracts, local companies, not owning their own masters etc, funny, I got a better version of “No Love” than the one Psycho Drama keeps putting out on there CD’s, lol. And I got the old Do or Die shit, yes, before Po Pimpin… anyway, check it out, maybe this can speak to my credibility. just search for it online, cannot send it over right now, tell me what you think.

    West Side

  • David D.A. Doman

    One of the hardest records i ever produced! Bump is a good dude and is very talented. I still remember when i first heard this joint i played it on repeat for a good solid hour. Bump killed it.

  • Professor Pickle

    Bump J-one of the best to come out of Chicago! And thank you Andrew for implementing the suggestion!

  • Fuze

    Bump ain’t the chief of shit but FUCKING UP GOOD OPPORTUNITIES. Its over for him, no matter how you try to keep his name alive with blogs he will always and forever be known as a local artist. He fucked up his chances to go national.

  • dj Geno

    I think some shit should not be put in the public and this is one of them. Just some shit to think about when you out here in these streets. Lets keep the peace and keep in my mind everybody doesn’t have a brain to think this shit out.

  • Fred

    You Chicago niggaz are funny. Super talented but can’t stand to see eachother shine.

  • Unknown

    the beef was over twista getting his chain jacked and implicating the goon squad/bump to police. that was confirmed.

    next thing there was a 10K hit on bumps head, and he got bump all kinds of shook and caused his to not make music for about a year, let alone show his face. bump hid this record away and all was settled. (rumor)

    damn girl was recorded first, and was supposed to be one of twistas albums. the old twista.net alums remember this shit like yesterday. even gay ass bumpy johnson (twista unleashed )got shook LOL

  • unseen

    When you come up a certain way, especially in da chi, sometimes its hard to leave that street shit alone and bump was one of those dudes. I agree he did himself in by goin at Twista cause on a lyrical level he aint fuckin wit T, but as a street dude i respected him cause he was real with it and goon squad had niggas shook. Most niggas wouldve killed for that opportunity he had and he goes and robs a bank in oak park of all places. Not smart. We gotta stop this bullshit if we wanna takeover the game like the south doing right now but with all the hate in the city and niggas not wanting to work together it probably wont happen. I wanna see my city win cause i think we’re capable of great things and beefin with each other will not get us there. Great track though D.A. What up Southside!!!

  • Que

    @Chiefj4 Man fam could you please upload that shit fam. You’re saying you got classics on lock and key, well unlock and share fam.

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