Video: Getting To Know Sharkula

Andrew Barber

Directed by Bobby Rocwell

Get to know the man, the myth the legend: Thingamajig. Trust me, you’ll like it.


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  • BDog

    i seen this nigga on the train before

  • Fatboi

    Man if u dont know this guy like his music or not you flat dont know shit about Chicago music, but hey lets be real who does these days. everybodies the king so it all about who got their three to five block radius, niggas dont know bout that state street grind, that columbia grind, the note subt grind. alright Ive been drinking #rantover

  • vernelio

    Thig Should have started as the Bears QB we wouldve won because he has heart.

  • merritt crocker

    Whoever conducted this interview is an idiot. Trying to act like your smarter than this dude your just a dumbass trying to get a piece of what he’s got going, putting the camera on him. This dude is so real and your trying to clown him with subtitles and it’s making you look stupid. get some respect young man



  • lol

    @ fatboi boy “everybodies the king” …………i know right jus like all deeze nowadays niggas sayn ney the best ever in the first song they record n shit at open mics talkn u da best ever WTF……..OH YEAH CUTLER PUSSY….BIG UPS HENNE bout time he got some tic

  • mikeflo

    @LOL at jake smuttler. yes, heartless. or maybe Thig could be the Bears coach cuz unlike “Lovie”, he’s got SPUNK!

  • J4Management

    Awww man. That was great. We need more of this dude. He should be an fsb correspondent. He is dope. Dropping gems.

  • tree

    huh…… that nigga bobby a fool joe

  • No Thx Bob

    BOBBY ROCKWELL are seriously trying to Clown on someone who is a Pioneer in this City. I think those subtitles are very disrespectful and an appology is in order. How would you like If I interviewed you and asked you about filmmaking and put subtitles reading “I make wack asss lo budget rap videos with a $2.99 budget and my grandmas flip cam.” WOULD you like that?

  • Honestly Honest

    bobby must of fucked your nieces to be mad at some tongue in cheek humor.

  • Fly Kite Media

    I fucks with Sharkula, Great Guy.. Not really feeling this video

  • uhuh

    This video is a cheap attempt at defaming one of the BEST the city has to offer.

    BOYCOTT BOBBY ROCKWELL’s bonk ass, shot on a prepaid cellphone lookin videos.

  • D.Mose

    Fatboi u aint never lied…but so it goes these days with internet celebs. Thig is one of the pioneers of Chicago Hip Hop. He is our version of ODB! Always shows love to erbody. I applaud him for walking to his own beat! THAT’S LIBERATION!!!!! And for those of you who think Bobby was tryna clown Thig…yall wrong!

  • Real Depth

    Thig is a real legend. Bobby music is bland and uninteresting compared to sharkula. Instead of trying to clown you should of been taking notes bruh. not hating just opinions

  • Real Depth

    The fuck is bobby rocwell?

  • yeahright

    this shit is not even that serious at all. i know Thingamajig and trust me that nigga is crazy as fuck! and that’s no diss to Thingamajig even he knows he’s crazy. i don’t think bob was trying to clown him.

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